Colonel Allan E. Limburg of Victoria, Australia has again written to Mr. Alan Griffin MP regarding the Korean War Veterans Mortality Study Report & the disabling & deadly effects of  toxic, neurotoxic & carcinogenic chemicals on veterans of all wars since 1945 and on civilians and the irretrievable damage to their offspring, to future human generations, to birds, animals, fish, water supplies, dams, lakes, oceans, foodstuffs and additional degradation of agricultural lands and its produce.


In that letter, Colonel Limburg asks Mr. Griffin, that with an upcoming election, can he and his fellow politicians, without further day, DEMAND an INDEPENDENT PUBLIC INQUIRY into all aspects of the whole subject of exposure to toxic and neurotoxic chemicals, including an Independent Public Inquiry into the methodologies, procedures etc., resulting in the Reports for our KOREAN, VIETNAM and GULF WAR VETERANS  and into the methodologies and procedures by the Repatriation Medical Authority when it arrived at its astonishing determination in 2001 on the subject of exposures, both small and large to modern, synthetic toxic and neurotoxic chemicals.  This  similarly, should be widened to also examine all aspects of the disabling effects of such chemicals on all Australian civilians (exposure to such chemicals is a global problem).  


In a letter to Diana Buckland, Representative of the Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance, Global Recognition Campaign - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity aka chemically induced illnesses, diseases & injury

   Colonel Limburg refers to Professor Emeritus Malcom Hooper, University of Sunderland, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Gulf War Veterans' Association UK and the fact that an Independent Public Inquiry would NOW  proceed into the British Gulf War Veterans Report. 


As the BRITISH GULF WAR VETERANS  REPORT , like the AUSTRALIAN GULF WAR  VETERANS REPORT and the Reports of the AUSTRALIAN KOREAN WAR MORTALITY STUDY REPORT and VIETNAM WAR MORTALITY STUDY REPORT  as well as the highly denigrated Royal Commission into AGENT ORANGE and the poorly prepared, poorly referenced, biased Repatriation Medical Authority Determination in 2001 concerning Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) aka chemically induced illnesses, diseases and injury have each deviously dodged the issue of the disabling effects and illnesses, diseases and injury which have resulted from both small and large exposures to toxic and neurotoxic chemicals for reasons which are incorrect.


Colonel Limburg also points out that as a result of the Department of Veterans' Affairs having very little information, or it had been destroyed (of which there was evidence) the Chairman requested  him (Colonel Limburg) assisted by Dr. John Bradley to prepare a series of Research Papers (finally totalling 39 =  l,355 pages - all of which together with all the many relevant letters  were to be  swept under the carpet) for issue to each member of both Committees.  Despite the fact they were dispassionate and well supported by world-wide eminent Scientists, Doctors and others in signed Statements and References, detailed archival research and signed statements from Veterans, there appears to be strangely no reference to them in all the many references quoted in the Report.  It is abundantly clear why.


Colonel Limburg also points out that one of the 3 matters requested to be examined,  was the effects of exposures to toxic and neurotoxic chemicals, a subject which appears to have been DELIBERATELY IGNORED AND DOWNPLAYED.   In similar fashion to its TREATMENT in the now denigrated Royal Commission into AGENT ORANGE,  the VIETNAM VETERANS MORTALITY STUDY REPORT  and the recent report on our GULF WAR VETERANS  for reasons which are incorrect and the poorly prepared, poorly referenced, biased Repatriation Medical Authority determination in 2001 concerning Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) aka chemically induced illnesses, diseases & injury. 


Colonel Limburg is an Honorary Researcher on behalf of ALL WAR VETERANS and ALL CITIZENS. 


I would also like to include herein, some excerpts from a letter dated 24th September, 1999 from Vic. Lowe,  the then President of the Korean War Veterans Association  New South Wales to the then Minister for Veterans' Affairs  Mr. Bruce Scott, excerpts as follows:-

"The entire membership of our Association demands that a Health Study be held in conjunction with the on-going Korean War Veterans' Mortality Study.  It is the considered opinion of our members that a Mortality Study into the causes of death of our War Veterans is an absolute waste of time and money and can serve no purpose to benefit those who have to date, survived.  A Mortality Study alone appears to us after 49 years, to be a smoke screen, designed to thwart our attempts to investigate the causes of the numerous undiagnosed maladies that have affected our quality of life for many years.  

The average age of surviving Korean War Veterans is 69-70, by the time a Mortality Study is completed, we will all be gone.  It is incredible  for us to consider that any Australian Government could possibly contemplate an agenda which denies us our rights, as promised by previous Governments, to be responsible for our welfare after having served our country with honour and distinction. 

Therefore, Sir, our Application is not a request, but a DEMAND that you, as minister for Veterans' Affairs expedite a Health study into Korean War Veterans and toxic and neurotoxic chemical exposures.  A Mortality Study alone appears most sinister in its concept, when the first concern should be the health of the survivors."


LET US ALL UNITE GLOBALLY AND DEMAND AN  INDEPENDENT PUBLIC ENQUIRY by appropriate experts with an unbiased, open mind and experience and expertise in this field, with appropriate and relevant Terms of Reference, and appropriate and relevant contents in the Protocol, which is essential if the role of TOXIC AND NEUROTOXIC CHEMICALS in the production of illnesses and diseases is to be adequately addressed and not deliberately ignored.


Colonel Limburg also asks that anyone reading this and agrees with the contents, please take positive action and continue the pressure to ensure that an  INDEPENDENT PUBLIC INQUIRY as mentioned above is undertaken, including distributing this widely for global support and input.    After many years and failing health Colonel Limburg cannot carry on such work, particularly he states, against such deliberate obfuscation and against such powerful, determined, intransigent,  chemical-supportive forces, to the detriment of not only Veterans, but civilians and the whole future of mankind and the global environment.


On behalf of all War Veterans and all civilians globally suffering MCS / chemically induced illnesses, diseases & injury, I thank you for your attention and look forward to your action as requested previously. 

Also I have added  a footnote to  Colonel Limburg's   Korean War Veterans' Mortality Study & Toxic & Neuro-Toxic Chemicals which is attached and  I have a few names listed of where you can send your emails demanding  action but  please use your own lists also in demanding the action of an Independent Public Inquiry.      Thank you,  Diana


 Diana Buckland
4 Mia St. Kallangur  Queensland Australia
Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance
Global Recognition Campaign / Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
... (war veterans chemically induced illnesses & diseases) (Environmental Health Perspectives - more than 12% of population reports extreme sensitivity to common chemicals) (Mercury  warning) (Danger/ Fluoride) (School  Environmental  Health Policy) (Steam Weed Control Equipment) (Organic Hot Foam Weed Control/graffiti removal & other) (Mosquito Magnet) (non-toxic paint supplies) (Certified Organic Personal care Products)  and  (ENVIRONMENTALLY & PEOPLE SAFE PRODUCTS (INCLUDING NON-TOXIC ALTERNATIVES TO  PEST CONTROL))  (Health Care Without Harm)


Dated 30/6/2004.

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