Organophosphates, Pesticide S, and Related Ubiquitous Substances.

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If only half of this is true we are all in trouble. Thanks. BR

It isn't that half of this site is true. More like this is only half of what is happening. JF

The more I read the web site the more concerned I am that we get a Ban.
What should we now do to get justice for sufferers? JC.

I'm worried about my health, and the health of my pet. Can you help me? J. Help offered but no reply.

Organophosphates in private drinking water supplies.
Any views or information sources you can suggest? CP. Information offered then silence.

You have been busy! Congratulations. You've done well.Pretty spiffing! RW

Good site and I really hope it makes people nervous. PG

This information has really helped me with my doctor. DJ

I was very pleased to find your web site through a BBC search...what I have read is exactly in line with my own experience. BH

Thank you for making such an important contribution to enlightenment. EH The web site of Colin Downes-Grainger on prescribed drug harm with no redress. For those suffering from Benzodiazepine dependence to Safely Withdrawing from Benzodiazepines

This guide explains in depth how benzodiazepine withdrawal may be enacted in a safe and manageable fashion.
The guide also provides many links to further resources of study. Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Campaign Pollution causes ill-health The work of Dr Dick Van Steenis found at the Country Doctor website Downs Pesticide Campaign web site Help end poverty. UK Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Campaign Coordinator Human Rights Act More information on Human Rights Act
http://www.pan-uk... The Pesticide Action Network UK Pesticide Action Network America Exposing problems in the National Health Service Immunization Awareness Society, NZ. The Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance Inc. The scandal of nuclear energy The secret chemical industry papers The alternatives to pesticides The Greenpeace web site Information on pesticides Vaccine information
http://www.http:// Health information The Ecologist web site Genetic Engineering the Organic Consumers Association
A publication of Science debated Food Safety issues Food Safety issues More Food Safety issues More on Pesticides The Rachel Carson web site Non-toxic pest control Arms Industry information More Food Safety issues Information on Corporate Scandals Natural Resources Defense Council USA Advisory Committee on Radiation Experiments report Mark Purdey's Web site The Environmental Working Group Researching Effects of Chemicals and Pesticides on Health Exposing the down side of the military machine The Amnesty International web site The UK Green Party web site The original site for these pages

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