Comparing Organophosphate effects in Aerotoxic, Agriculture and Military poisoning

Comparing Organophosphate Nerve Agent effects in Aerotoxic, Agriculture and Military poisoning cases

The Diagnosis in any poisoning case is not easy as all poisonings mimic natural diseases by causing essential processes to fail.

Diagnosis requires evidence and to obtain that evidence requires the unbiased skills of the medical profession -
and direct access to diagnostic equipment, which is often complex and extremely expensive.

Evidence of poisoning includes:

  1. The symptoms follow exposure to the toxin.
    (This is not always easy to determine as some poisons may induce a delayed effect, sometimes weeks after exposure)
  2. The symptoms may be similar to others exposed to the same toxin.
    (But this may depend on the level of exposure, individual susceptibility, and the specific formulation in which the poison is incorporated.)
  3. There may be evidence of the presence of the toxin in the body fluids.
    (Blood, urine, faeces, sweat, saliva, vomit or stomach contents.)
  4. In fatal cases there may be post-mortem evidence.
    (Skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, brain, nerves, fat, viscera may show evidence consistent with poisoning.)

Note that in all those exposed to OPs similar symptoms are reported after exposure, depending on the degree of exposure, the duration of exposure, and the chemical or chemicals involved.

The video extracts below will demonstrate the known dangers to human health posed by exposures to the organophosphorus group of chemicals.

Those who approved their widespread use, from additives in food to weapons of war will claim that only the safest forms of these poisons are approved for commercial use.
Unfortunately all too many of these poisons have been proven to be extremely dangerous to human health and the environment after approval.
Do not take my word for this. Simple research will discover that a very large number of approved chemicals have been withdrawn after the danger was proven.
Perhaps the biggest lie of all is the claim that there are no long-term effects from repeated low-dose exposures.

For many decades it has been officially recognised that such exposures can lead to cumulative harm, eventually causing acute poisoning symptoms .
Unfortunately few doctors are trained fully in toxicology and so the induced symptoms and danger signs are usually missed until it is too late for treatment.
Worse still perhaps is the fact that all too many of the drugs used by doctors to treat the symptoms can worsen the condition, potentially fatally.
All too many poisoned patients are treated with antidepressants, also often contraindicated, with their minds often damaged permanently.

Doctors will say that the symptoms of poisoning are "Non-Specific", making diagnosis difficult, but that excuse does not hold when the correct tests are performed.
Even then poisoning can be denied even if the medical tests confirm damage caused by the poisons.

The videos below show the neurological effects of the chemicals in aircraft cabins, in agriculture, and resulting from nerve agents used in war plus the massive stocks of VX nerve gas and the then Member of Parliament Sir Peter Viggers referring to the cover-up over organophosphorus poisoning during a Select Committee hearing in February 1997.

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If you are still unable to view these videos they can be downloaded here.

In the top left video you see a former air stewardess who was carried off an aircraft and hospitalised after a fume event in the aircraft.
These fume events cause the sealed cabin air to be contaminated with dangerous poisons, including organophosphates and other pesticides.
It is those poisons which can cause the sort of damage seen in the video.

In the top right video the effects of a military nerve agent is seen.
As with those poisoned by pesticides in the same chemical group loss of control is obviously apparent.
Legs collapse from under the patient and co-ordination is difficult. Disability results.
Experts will claim that most research is done on military chemicals and that they are more dangerous than pesticides, but pesticides are more persistent.
Experts will also tell the military that most research is done on pesticides and so that research is of no use to them in proving their cases.
The deadly truth is that military chemicals were converted for use in agriculture for decades.
VX gas was one of the chemicals discovered during the process.
As the video at the top right shows there have been massive quantities of VX gas created and stored.
Only after the First Gulf War was the destruction of those stocks begun.
This caused consternation around the world during the 1990s because of the potential to release more deadly poisons into the atmosphere.

Was the UK's Committee on Toxicity being wholly honest when they wrote their two reports denying any long term effects from poisoning?
Were they right to claim that there are no long-term risks to health caused by repeated low-dose exposures?

The top centre video is a short clip from a video of a former farm worker who was poisoned 25 years ago by an illegal mixture of two insecticides used in grain stores and he was officially classified as permanently disabled by the poisons in 1993.
Despite medical treatment his health has steadily deteriorated throughout that time but the initial symptoms never really resolved.
His limbs still suffer uncontrollable movements;
cyanosis in the extremities is still seen;
there is still numbness in the extremities and loss of heat sensitivity, sweating and loss of temperature control;
there is still confusion of thought patterns and the inability to process simple mental arithmetic and spelling;
decision making is unreliable and his writing is unreadable so he relies on his wife for official forms etc;
vision, hearing and memory are affected (light sensitivity is the reason for the peak and dark glasses, which have to be worn during all waking hours;
an ophthalmologist confirmed that the vision problems were caused by optic nerve, brain and autonomic nervous system damage);
the proven effects on the heart result in a very fast, very slow, and very erratic heart beat and unstable blood pressure;
he was recently diagnosed and is being treated for atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation and left ventricle dysfunction of the heart
(these are known to be caused by the poisons and a similar delay in the heart was found in 1993 - confirmed then as seen in all organophosphate poisoned patients.);
severe breathlessness, especially on bending down, made worse by difficulty in swallowing, acid reflux, excess saliva and rhinitis;
(lung capacity was so low in 1993 that medical computer programmes could not process the data. peak flow is very low);
he has been made highly sensitive to a wide range of chemicals at minute doses, which can in itself be totally disabling;
the gait is affected, having to think how to walk, and the legs can move uncontrollably or collapse without warning;
(shocks like electricity through the legs can be really painful and last for hours);
there are problems with balance causing falls;
there are periods of loss of conciousness, described as "odd sleeps" - officially termed as "Blackouts" by experts;
normal sensations upon which daily life depends are no longer reliable, and some are simply completely absent;
bones and teeth are weakened as the result of changes in mineral processing and there are just two teeth left
(Doctors and dentists have warned that anaesthetics and dental chemicals could be fatal because of the effects of the poisons);
unexplained pain in joints and muscles and severe sudden debilitating headaches are common but it is difficult to know if the source of the pain is where it is felt or if it is simply a problem with the brain's interpretation of the signals from the nervous system;
the immune system is weakened and there are frequent skin lesions which do not heal normally.
He rarely leaves home because of the dangerous effects on his health from traffic fumes, other people's perfumes and washing products.
(He has had to be assisted from doctors surgeries, houses and even across his own living room - as witnessed by doctors, Tribunals and medical examiners.)
These are just a few of the symptoms known to be caused by poisoning - but are said to be induced mentally by so-called experts.

Interestingly the release of his full medical records has been refused despite written requests from his GP, himself, several lawyers and court instructions.
This refusal Perverted the Course of Justice in a High Court group action, in several court hearings and Tribunals held by the Department for Work and Pensions, and even a Judicial Review Hearing.

Perhaps more importantly on advice from the Police those medical records had a protection order placed on them in 2002 protecting them from destruction.
The hospital Trust involved admitted to destroying those records in July 2016.


I urge everyone to investigate the facts about these deadly poisons and the solvents used with them.
Honest scientists have helped to put vital information on this web site.
Do not be fooled by false claims of safety.
Those who approved these deadly poisons for use are simply trying to protect themselves.
But YOU are in danger of exposures which can potentially seriously harm YOU permanently on every waking day or even on your next holiday flight.

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