Every effort has been made to ensure that subjects and opinions raised on these pages are both accurate and supportable with factual evidence.
We take no responsibility for any errors in source material and have made every effort to establish the truth of any statements before permitting them to be viewed on this site.
We firmly belief that Truth is essential in science and in law.
The future of the Human Race, and indeed all life on Earth, depends upon the accuracy of scientific information.
Where there is something wrong it is our duty to bring the attention of the public to that wrong.
Truth must come before profit.

The late, great, Judge Lord Denning is reported to have said that
"Most lawyers know, roughly speaking, what 'Misprision of felony' means.
It means that a man knows that a felony has been committed and neglects to disclose it...."
To do so is an offence in law. "...it has been the duty of a man, who knows that a felony has been committed to report it to the proper authority.....
...a public body "must not misuse its powers; and it is a misuse of power for it to act unfairly or unjustly towards a private citizen when there is no overriding public interest to warrant it."

This web site is committed to exposing the uncomfortable facts surrounding issues which affect the health of us all.

The medical advice shown on these pages is for Information only.
The reader is advised to seek professional advice if diagnosis or treatment for poisoning is required.

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