A Factory Manager's Story

I was very pleased to find your web site through a BBC search.
The monolithic proportions of the oppression of poison victims and industrial workers is hard to comprehend until there is confirmation from someone else.

Many poisoning cases at the factory where I was Works Engineer were reported to the Department of Employment Medical Advisory Service, a part of the Health & Safety Executive.
The factory was investigated and later closed down but it appears that all documents for that period had been 'weeded out and destroyed'.
I estimate that hundreds of workers and some local residents suffered serious health problems as a direct result of the activities of this factory, but the 'wall of silence' is impenetrable. The factory was in the constituency of senior Government Ministers.

As a result of poisoning by Arsine, a form of arsenic, I suffered permanent nerve damage i.e. radial nerve dysfunction and posteria tibial nerve dysfunction.
I have limitations and could never compete in the workplace environment after the poisoning, but with my wife's help I get by.

Solicitors agreed to take up my case and were very efficient in obtaining a Legal Aid Certificate with expectation of winning the case put higher than 85%.
They then 'shut me out' ignored my letters and E-mail's and refused to give me appointments. Although my medical records were obtained I was refused access to them but there is evidence that my medical history is falsified and contains what can only be described as 'malicious falsehood'.
I know that X-rays are falsified because there are X-ray reports when no film was ever exposed. There are also blood test results when no samples were taken because the appointment was cancelled and I did not attend. I witnessed a nerve conductivity study on my legs, where the screen showed 'flat traces' but the technician had been sent out of the room, only the doctor was there.
I was the only witness.
It took some years for a falsified report to surface and then only after many denials that the tests had ever taken place or that I had ever attended the hospital.

When I felt that doctors were just going to get away with what they had done to me and said about me, I started an "Action in Person" after studying just enough law to bring a case to court.
The case was against a consultant who abandoned me when I was critically ill.
My wife was left to nurse me herself.
My GP called the day after I had seen the consultant, found that I was paralysed and had no reflexes, he told my wife he was going away for three weeks.
No amount of phone calls by my wife brought any response from doctors.
It was to be four years before I could walk without too much difficulty and was able to do limited work with my hands.
Clearly this doctor had no defence except to perjure himself and that is exactly what he did.
Many years ago an ambulance driver told me that patients who had been injured by doctors were 'driven to suicide'.
I can understand that but given the armoury of pathogens, poisons, psychotropic drugs and the power to use oppression and defamation without limit, many doctors must be tempted when they get themselves into a difficult situation.
A mafia term is 'vegetableization' , damaging someone short of killing them so that they will never pose a threat or a nuisance again.
For the medical profession this must be a favourite.

I had evidence of 'skulduggery' and, failing to get any answers to my complaints, I served a writ alleging falsification of documents by doctors and civil servants.
The case was dismissed by the Judge even though he admitted that there was evidence of perjury.
An appeal judge also agreed with me that the documents had been falsified, to the obvious consternation of the Government's solicitor and barrister.

By the time my illness had abated somewhat, we had lost our home and were in dire financial circumstances but my thoughts were on my daughter and her education. By using the grants that were available at that time, my daughter got into university and because she had attended Tribunal hearings with me, of her own choice she studied law.
She decided to do 'medical negligence' and also obtained a post graduate qualification in 'personal injury law' but despite many warnings from me she was convinced that she could 'tell all' to anyone.
Her openness about her medical negligence practice was her downfall. Her career and her relationship with her parents have both been destroyed as the result it seems of deliberate targeting by those she could have exposed.
I wonder, does this story explain why solicitors behave the way they do, could it be fear that motivates them?
One solicitor said to me, after insisting that our one and only meeting was at a Motorway Service Area. "I am not necessarily on your side, I will not lose any sleep over you and anyway 'I have to live'."

I must now try to get my documents from the solicitors by using the data protection act and after paying hundreds of pounds to lawyers I have nothing but a pile of pointless and inconsequential letters from solicitors.

I have lost count of the number of journalists I have written to but the standard answer is 'no reply'.
An epidemic of poisoning at a 'Secret Arsenic Factory' is not a story.

The thought that this would happen to me would have seemed the wildest of fantasy and bizarre in the extreme, but it has and it did.

Sadly it seems that almost all victims of poisoning by industry and by agriculture are treated in this way.

Dated 21/7/2002.

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