This was faxed to the judge, at the number used by the local court and provided by the judge himself, from Richard's home at 14.10 pm on the day of the hearing.

14th September 2007
Case Reference Number : CO/6520/2005

For the personal attention of Judge Nicholas Blake QC,
Court 28
Royal Courts of Justice

Dear Sir,

Thank you for speaking with me this morning via the video link and I apologise if my health made things difficult.
I understand that the Newport Court staff have faxed the missing papers to you and other evidence that supports all that I have tried to have recognised over the years.
I hope that you have now read the letter of the 13th September from my GP.

Obviously I am concerned that there has been a failure in the past to recognise the fact that all decisions in this case have been made on deliberately fallacious evidence.
It is my view and that of those who asked me to request a Judicial Review that no decision made on false evidence can be truly lawful or in the spirit of justice.

At least I can say now that a high court Judge actually has possession of the evidence of perversion of justice, and the grossly false statement that diverted investigators and medical practitioners from the truth.

In support of the fact that the papers faxed to you were received by the court on the 6th September a photocopy of the postage receipt, together with the details provided by the post office follow this page.

As I reported to you in the Court today I have nothing supporting me but the truth.

I have no legal assistance and am not at all well, especially at this moment, but I am told that the truth is what the court seeks and I have supplied evidence of it.

I am sure that the Aarhus Convention applies to the issues involved in this case.

Yours sincerely,