More Information provided to the UK Committee On Toxicity

The following links are to scientific papers submitted to the UK Committee on Toxicity by
the late scientist Helen Fullerton for their review of the safety of Organophosphates in 1999.

Sadly Helen died in 2005 and so was unable to resend the ignored information to their Committee for their 2014 report.

Disgracefully the evidence provided to the Committee was ignored, even when those affected were accompanied by their solicitors as witnesses.

Both reports issued by the Committee on Toxicity denied the known long-term risks of exposure to these
- as described by the Zuckerman Committee in their 1951 report to Government.

  A Scientist's submission to COT (pdf) ......reporting on the biochemical harm caused by OPs (1999)

  Supplementary submission to COT (pdf) ......cases of poisoning by OPs add-mixed with grain (1999)

Dated 25/01/2018

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