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    As we all know, unfortunately, many Veterans end up homeless after being demobbed.
    There is much banter from many sources and charities concerning the assistance rendered to our military personnel. Sadly the words are not in keeping with the actions and the many calls we receive at the Centre at ALL times of the DAY AND NIGHT. We at the Trauma Centre (UK) are in constant dialogue with many GENUINE agencies to try and alleviate this disturbing problem. Despite many promises for these lads and girls ALL have met with literally NOTHING. All gas and gaiters I'm afraid. It befalls once again in lay mans terms that we and the individuals seeking shelter and accommodation will have to locate such ourselves, as it seems a complete waste of time and effort to seek assistance from the appropriate agencies and many charities set up for these personnel. To confirm what is stated above, just seek out some veterans and ask them for yourselves.
    They will confirm first hand the difficulties they all encounter. In fact the problem is even worse for the civilian members of our society. I certainly do NOT include those where such difficulties have arisen through abuse of alcohol and drugs. Many loose their jobs and then are unable to afford to pay their rent, or accommodation costs, and those who do then enter the vicious circle of then having to find funds for their food!
    In the last few months since December 2011 with new Government legislation many individuals describe lack of employment opportunities, no money to pay the fares to GET TO interviews or employment even if they secured a job, due to inflationary fares on public transport. Many living in deep rural areas without their own transport relying solely on public transport are at a disadvantage. Simply because if they are offered employment where shift duties are required, the transport infrastructure either does not commence until after their shift time starts, or if on night duty for example and a shift ends at 6am they may have to wait 2 hours for the first available bus / transport to reach their homes?. It does seem we are even worse off these days with public transport than in the early 60s. At least in those days we had night trains and some buses running until midnight, and early trains and buses also. The fares have become astronomical and in many instances takes a portion of peoples salaries somewhere near 30% of their monthly wage?. It does seem to a vicious circle indeed. No wonder there is so much reporting to GPs with illnesses such as Depression and Anxiety related illnesses. No matter how many tablets or what medication is prescribed IT WILL NEVER alleviate the illnesses, signs and symptoms if the monetary situation is NOT addressed. The financial burden is yet another worry for all, and in the case of mortgages and rents if many fall behind with these having lost their careers and employments many again loose their homes too. This is the reality of what is happening and YET I do not hear any of these so called Organisations and many Charities speaking up and challenging all these hardships and most stupid laws and regulations that seem to be spouted out everyday like a paper mill by MPs and Government Ministers. All promises and words with no actual action it would appear. It would be a good gesture to open up some of these obsolete Military camps as accommodation blocks for many homeless individuals. I am sure there are many skilled craftsmen amongst these people, who could do so much even in the local communities. Today I have heard of a former military man and fireman having his benefits removed by a particular date as being fit to go to work. It seems that assessment has been made by a "MIDWIFE" who submitted the report. The individual has chronic PTSD and has tendencies when under pressure to "explode" not intentionally, but these are some of the symptoms of PTSD that people present with and have difficulties coping with to prevent such actions. Adding all these extra pressures upon sick individuals is NOT HELPING it is INFLAMING an already existing illness. Let us all hope that in 2012 ALL agencies and so called charities pertaining to assisting these individuals will indeed get together around a meeting table and arrive at a reasonable solution to solve this ever increasing illness and situation within our country. Let us ALL take these matters seriously, maybe then some of these large high paid salaries and bonuses could be diverted to alleviating these most miserable and no hope situations of many souls. Let us start to do SOMETHING united together and restore a sense of self esteem and worth to all these individuals, that's all these people seek. The rest they can deal with and once again walk tall and proud in our country, that's all they seek. To be treated as equals. No more no less. Simply 'phone our Helpline: +44 (0) 1792 521063 (24/7/365) or send an email to Trauma999Emergency@gmail.com to discuss how we can help.






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