Names of HSE personnel involved in this case are as follows.

Doreen Ramsley HSE Basingstoke telephonist 1/6/92 and sent F2508 forms to Employer 17/8/92
Pat Attryde PS to AD HSE Basingstoke 19/2/93
Jenny Bacon Director General HSE
Mrs Barbara Barlow THSD Secretariat 15/8/95
Mr C Bean re submission to select committee 20/3/93
Trevor Benn (linked to Stuart Smith & John Hodgson) re Lord Blyth questions 4/3/96
Karl Birch FOD Secretariat from 9/2/93
Linda Bridge 18/7/95 “treat officially” (332 in PIAP file)
Mr K Bromley re submission to select committee 20/3/93
Mr G Bruce PSD York re submission to select committee 20/3/93
Ray Buxton FOD Secretariat 21/3/94
Dr J T Carter (Tim) DFO FOD HSE Bootle.
Lisa Cavendish THSD/SPRC 15/12/95 for Bacon
Bev Chambers (PIAP file 392 )
Mr V Coleman 13/12/94
Janet Connah HSE IAS /Bootle Press Office Feb 1998
Dr Cook (100 in HSE file)
Dr R G [Granville] Crane EMAS Basingstoke.
Lyn Delaney EMSU
Dr Linda Derrick Regional Director FOD London then Luton?
Sue Doig PSD ERP Branch
Mr P Edwards re submission to select committee 20/3/93
I J Ellison HM Principal Inspector of factories HSE Basingstoke.2/8/93 to Field MP
Dr Ellis 7/11/94 (498 in PIAP file)
Mrs C Evans re submission to select committee 20/3/93
David Eves Deputy Director General from 13/11/92
Dr Robin Foster HSE HPD London
Sarah Gawley HSE SASD London1
[Claire Gabriel spoke on the phone in 1992 but her name is not in HSE files]
Charles Gilby HM Inspector HSE Basingstoke 6/10/99
Manuela Godden PRS HD D4 21/2/97
Ron Griffiths HSE HD B4 Rose Court London
Ms Le Gunn? re Mar questions in Lords 7/2/96
Mr Hapton? 8/1/98 (page 100 in Basingstoke papers sent 16/1/2001)
Mrs Pat Hayes FOD Secretariat18/7/95
Anne Hemmings APS/Earl Ferrens to Dr Smith re questions in House Lords 7/2/96
J T Hodgson Senior Statistician HSE Epidemiology & Medical Statistics Unit, Bootle
Mrs Kate Hoskin Environment & Residues Polcy Branch PSD
Mrs D E Hughes THSD/SPRU St Annes House 22/8/95
Debbie Hughes HSE HPD Bootle3
Frank Hyland Director Occupational Health & Environment Unit, FOD Bootle
Anne B Hyslop for Bacon Director general 27/6/95
Miss Linda Johnson HSE SGD London Secretariat Rose Court 18/7/95
R W Kerr HM Principal Inspector Home Counties
Rachel Kidd HSE Secretariat Rose Court London 20/10/95
Jacky Kwartenga HPD B3 (PIAP file 394)
D J Kyle FOD E1 Bootle.(acting for Hyland)
Mr C J Lawson re submission to select committee 20/3/93
Mrs P J Lea FOD B2 12/8/93
Dr A M Leach HoB FOD E 21/3/94 (Dr A M Leach EMAS 30/3/95)
Matthew Lee HSE 28/6/99
Dr T C Marrs Skipton House letter 409 in PIAP file
Clare McNicholas PRS Approvals group HD D4 21/2/97
Anne Mees? FOD Secretariat 20/12/93
Ms M Micklewright MAFF PSD York 10/3/97
E Morris PIAP Secretary?
Alan Newble PAI from 30/9/1992
Mr M G Nurse FOD A1 8/8/95
Dr Bernard Nutley HPD B3 Rose Court re Submission to Select Committee 23/3/95
Mr J O'Brian re submission to select committee 20/3/93
Mr N O'Connor 16/8/93 (571 in PIAP file and 6 in Luton papers)
Julia O'Hara HSE HD Bootle 28/2/97
Dr Paul Oldershaw DC1 THSD-C and Joan Law Secretary HSE HD Bootle1
Jacqui Olusemo HSE Secretariat 14/9/95
Irene O'Neill 21/2/97
Dr John Osman PIAP from 6/8/93
PIAP committee(“integral part of HSE”–W Reid) Dr A Scott, Dr T Marrs, Mr J Boukley, Dr N Bateman, Miss F Northall, Dr V Murray, Dr J Osman with letters from Marrs, Bateman & A Scott
John Otieno HSE London 20/3/95
Mrs Lyn Platt-Yeo HSE Secretariat, London
Roger Rawbone HD D5
M N Rigby FOD E1 cleared by Oldershaw 18/8/95
Nic A Rigby HSE FOD Bootle1 (could be same but initials different?)
JD Rimington Director General HSE London 30/6/95
Damian Robinson VMD
J R Russell Area Director Basingstoke HSE from Field MP 29/9/92
Dr J M Rutter re submission to select committee 20/3/93
Mrs Elizabeth Schofield (Page 6 Ombudsman related and p28 Luton HSE Oct 1995)
Dr A Scott PIAP hand written notes re elephantine memory re records of exposures!
PJC Scott Area Director HSE Basingstoke 6/10/92
Ian Senior HSE Basingstoke
Doreen Shaw HSE HD Bootle1 sec to Robert Turner HSE HD Bootle1
Sarah Shore HSE FOD Bootle 7/12/2000
Christine Snaith Pesticides Registration Scheme
Mr Stuart Smith (100 in HSE file)
Mr Tufnall PSD (73 in PIAP file)
Dr Robert M Turner / Bob Turner Head Chemicals Evaluation & Authorisation Unit D4
Alison Walker Approvals Policy Branch PSD 19/3/97
A Webster Administrative Manager EMSU for Osman 19/12/95
Jean Wildman FOD Secretariat
Stephen Williams Head of Operations Basingstoke 9/8/99
Dr K N Woodward re submission to select committee 20/3/93
Steve Woolley HSE SASD London 17/12/2000
Mr Ian Yeo HSE FOD Basingstoke

In addition to the names listed above which are found in the files released so far by the HSE others involved since include

Mr Timothy Walker Director General HSE
Mr Bill Callaghan Health & Safety Commission
Mrs A J Allan for Dr A Erlam Senior Medical Inspector EMAS Basingstoke. 17/01/2001
Mr Robert Mason PSD Reviews Branch
Jane Young HSE FOD Basingstoke 15/02/2001