Legal Firms involved in this case and the OP Group Litigation include

Leigh Day & Co, Dawbarns, Hodge Jones & Allen, Gabb & Co, GABBS, Lyons Davidson, Beachcroft Wansbroughs, Wolferstans, Alexander Harris, Thompsons, Mustoe Shorter, Kennedys, CMS Cameron McKenna, Vizzards Staples & Bannisters, Davies Arnold Cooper, Elborne Mitchell, Berrymans Lace Mawer, Vizzards Wyeth.
Jerome & Co, Linder Myers.
Public Law Project, Justice Direct and Liberty (all refused to help).

Lawyers involved include

Alan Care (unqualified) Martyn Day, Nigel Gregson Montgomery, Iain S Golrein, Richard Barr, Ian Harvey, Louise Marriot, Maureen Riordan, Antonia Southern, Patrick Allen, Peter Bright, Elizabeth Charles, Antonia Cronin, Rachel M Barbenel.
Clive Wiggins, Edwina Colgate-Stone, Mark McGhee.

Plus numerous unnamed solicitors of the Legal Services Commission and Law Society implicated in the misuse of public funds and private contributions.

Barristers involved include

James Ramsden (Seems OK), Augustus Ulstein QC, Jeremy Stuart-Smith QC, Neil Block, John Melville-Williams QC, Charles Pugh, John H Bates, Shaun Ferris, James Medd, S Levene, Julian Matthews, Charles Gibson QC, Anna Guggenheim, Charles Feeny, Stephen Irwin QC, Mark Mildred.
Plus an unnamed QC at the Bar Council who refused to investigate the misuse of funds and failure to properly represent client interests.
Tessa Hetherington of the Matrix Chambers

Doctors who have hidden the truth include

Dr R.G. Crane, Dr Glyn Volans, Dr Virginia Murray, Dr David Moore, Dr Alison Jones, Dr Howell, Dr Kneen, Dr Gareth Jones, Dr Phillip Kennedy, Mr. M A Elsick, Mr. S G Elkington, Dr H Rees, Dr W Stephen Ringer, Dr Anthony Frew, Simon Wessely (behind the scenes).
Serious questions re Dr Goran Jamal also.

Scientists giving false information include

Dr David Williams, Dr John Osman, Dr Timothy Marrs, Dr D N Bateman, Professor David Coggon, Dr Ivan Vince, David Ray (MRC).
Members of Government Agencies.


Master Turner was reportedly involved in the early days.
Lord Justice Bingham made practice directions for the OP litigation.
Master Miller controlled the group OP litigation – but not very well, ignored perjury, and confused all involved by suggesting some cases could continue.
Commissioner J M Henty (also a judge) 2001 dismissed appeal against dishonest 1999 DSS tribunal and stated that the Civil case should end through lack of progress.
Commissioner E A Jupp dismissed the appeal against the dishonest 2004 Tribunal
Judge Harris dismissed concerns about dishonest DSS Tribunals and medicals
Mr Justice Morland reportedly admitted on Thursday 26th July 2001 in a hearing involving these cases that he held shares in two chemical companies and he ignored perjury and perversion of justice.
Having ignored all that he claimed that the plaintiffs had abused due process.
Lady Justice Hale dismissed a “secret” Gabb & Co appeal on 1st February 2002.
Lord Justice Simon Brown headed the appeal process on 21st November 2002 and ignored evidence of fraud, perversion of justice, and perjury, stating that his involvement had ended.
Lord Justice Buxton and
Lord Justice Carnwath also involved – both agreed with Brown LJ at the appeal.
Henry Hodge, former senior partner at Hodge Jones & Allen, husband of Government Ministerr Margaret Hodge, and Vice-chairman of the Legal Aid Board at key times has also been promoted as a Judge.
Mr Justice Hugh Bennett - refused permission for Judicial Review of the decision by the dishonest 2004 Tribunal
Judge Nicholas Blake QC.Matrix Chambers (stand-in judge for the ill Henry Hodge for the Judicial Review Appeal)
Plus an unnamed member of the judiciary who claimed that the plaintiff had made his case weaker by telling the truth and attempting to have the facts recognised.