The OP Lottery -six carbons+phosphorus!

The chances of winning the British Lottery are in the order of 1 in 40,000,000 and we see winners twice every week for almost every week of the year who pick winning combinations by choosing 3 or more numbers from a choice of 49.

Even when they win they will not be certain of their actual winnings until the full results and the number of winners who will share the prize are known.

Imagine for a moment that each of the 49 numbers represents a vital enzyme or enzyme process within the human body, Enzymes make and control everything upon which life itself depends, from digestive juices to DNA and the very cells from which we are made.

In most, if not all, of these enzyme processes the phosphorus atom plays a crucial role.

The toxic action of chemicals depends not on the chemical formula but on the molecular shape. Enzymes are often designed to seek out substances of a particular shape and will bind to some chemicals by mistaking them for natural substances because of the shape.

The process upon which that bond depends is then likely to fail and toxicity results.

Organophosphates have a more complex role however because all OP agents have their toxic action at the phosphorus atom and can therefore substitute for dietary phosphorus in all the vital enzyme processes which utilise that chemical. The results of OP exposure(s) will therefore depend on the shape of the chemical concerned, how many enzymes become affected and how vital those enzymes are to the living organism. Since OP agents bond permanently to enzyme sites such chemicals are cumulative in action.

There is therefore a degree of luck involved with every exposure and the results will depend on exposure history, degree of exposure and the route of entry into the body since different enzymes predominate in different parts of the anatomy.

Individuals who use OP chemicals or who are living in areas where they are used will therefore be, often unwilling, regular players in the OP Lottery. Each enzyme affected will add another number to the winning combination until by chance the Jackpot is hit.

One number may result in only transient effects such as a runny nose or headache.

Two numbers might induce "Sheep Dip Flu" which lasts a while longer.

Three and the victim may suffer allergic reactions to a host of similar substances.

Four and it may be impossible to work until the body has recovered.

Five may reach the point where damage is permanent with cancers or nerve disorders.

Five and the bonus number may induce brain diseases such as CJD,

Six, and the Jackpot, is death.

We play the game at every exposure and eventually each of us must "win".

While we as adults are playing the game, even if we would rather not do so, we are forcing our children and future generations to gamble their very being for our profit.

It is a gamble that we should not force them to take.

Dated 16/9/2000

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