ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) or CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

The CO-Cure list sent out an email with the opening phrase "ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) or CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) is a debilitating illness for which no cause or medical tests have been identified."
Richard Bruce, a co-ordinator for MCS-Global, replied by email dated 12 December 2006 stating that the cause, or causes, were admitted as known by a senior toxicologist in the UK in 1992. In the email he also included a copy of the information pasted below that he had sent to the UK action group One-Click but which had been ignored.

A correspondent for the Co-Cure List suggested that his email could be regarded as "inflammatory" and that he should alter its contents before publication would be allowed. Richard had been asked to write to the One-Click group by the mother of a very sick child but they had failed to acknowledge receipt - something that they criticise strongly in others. He meant no attack on any of the groups in his email but was simply stating facts that can be substantiated easily.

Richard was poisoned and made permanently disabled by exposure to organophosphates in 1992 and doctors have suggested a diagnosis of CFS with proven vision, neurological, digestive, and chemical sensitivity problems all present and disabling. He also has many friends who have suffered with or diagnosed as having ME/CFS.

He last wrote to Co-Cure hoping that they had found the content of the email of interest and current suggesting that science seems to be supporting the view of a scientist friend of his that the protein sequences in viruses can be altered by the chemicals and by man - and that the viruses are themselves based on natural OPs, as are DNA and RNA.

He left the groups to decide as to whether the information should or should not be passed to the list.

The content of his email to the Co-Cure list follows.


I sent the following to a major ME/CFS campaign group in the UK. There was no acknowledgement.
The message concerned the recent "Gibson Inquiry" into ME/CFS that has been much criticised by that group.

I wrote.

Subject: The Gibson Inquiry

To all at One-click,
It is extremely interesting to note the newly formed confusion regarding the causes of CFS/ME.
In 1992 a senior toxicologist, now with the Health Protection Agency, stated that the symptoms of CFS were known to have either a viral or toxicological cause, with organophosphorus chemicals (OPs) specifically included.
As with the dangers of those chemicals it would seem that knowledge of the man-made causes of illness is now being denied by influential individuals and groups with financial interests in suppressing the truth.
Given that Organophosphates have been regarded as "DEADLY POISONS" since the 1950s because of their widespread effects on the natural OP-dependent processes within the human body, including importantly DNA itself and the vital energy transfer, immune and hormone systems, it would be surprising if they played no role in the causation of CFS/ME.
In addition repeated low exposures to these fat soluble chemicals, as found in dietary exposures, can result in cumulative and irreversible brain and nervous system damage, which explains neurobehavioural problems and the numeracy and language difficulties found in both children and adults.

Those who would deny these facts suggest that people have CFS/ME when they have had no exposure to OPs but that statement cannot bear close scrutiny. The OP group of chemicals is ubiquitous in our environment and they are added to the food we eat, not simply as "residues" about which much fuss is made, but more seriously as deliberate undeclared additives.
Given that the chemicals are also found in paints, plastics, fire-retardants, oils and headlice treatments, in addition to the contamination of air, food and water from pesticide use, it would be difficult to find any individual who has had no exposure.
There is no exposure level to OPs at which no damage is caused.
Symptoms may be delayed until the damaged systems create obvious signs.
Controversially viruses are themselves simply chemicals and as the New Scientist reported recently (14/10/06) the Poliovirus has the chemical formula

C332,652 H492,388 N 98,245 O131,196 P7,501 S2,340

suggesting that this virus is also an OP compound. Organophosphates disrupt and alter protein formation and a "vaccine" is simply a "modified" virus, itself an OP-based protein string.
It should be no surprise then that a virus, or vaccine, can induce symptoms similar to poisoning, especially in those already exposed to immune system damaging chemicals such as OPs.

When the Gibson Report (a pdf file) states that "The symptoms associated with the chronic effects of exposure to OPs are very similar to those for CFS/ME" the comment is obviously correct but it would seem impossible to be able to obtain an accurate history of exposure for most sufferers in order to be able to "exclude OP poisoning as a diagnosis" as suggested (page 23, 3.3.3).

What is really interesting is that certain individuals who have taken part in the Gibson Inquiry are fully aware of the above facts but have not challenged the "psychiatric lobby" which is also striving hard to hide the true number of OP poisoning cases for their commercial backers. As a result those of us who have evidence of both exposure and of poisoning but are labelled with CFS find that we are also falsely accused of suffering a psychiatric illness that enables us to "imagine" having been poisoned.

Martin Walker covered the OP problem in his book "Skewed" and the experiences of an occupationally exposed farm worker whose poisoning diagnosis is recognised by GPs and specialists but has been persistently denied by those with vested interests is to be found at

The evidence is there.
All that is needed is the will to recognise the truth.


Dated 2/1/2007

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