Submission to the Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disability

Note that the UK signed up to the UN Convention on Disability Rights.

OHCHR-UNOG; CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

14th September 2015

I write to report serious concerns at the way successive governments in the United Kingdom have treated the victims of chemicals that the government itself approves and in many cases forces people to use.
For decades the Government has been aware that the chemicals adversely affect human health and yet the UK government has passed legislation that has forced their use.
When users have been harmed by the chemicals they invariably find it impossible to get proper diagnosis and treatment from the UK’s National Health Service or to have the incidents properly investigated by the responsible authorities, also controlled by government.
Even those lucky enough to be given the correct diagnosis all too often find the diagnosis officially denied and that they are treated inappropriately, or not at all.
Such treatments may be with contraindicated medicines or they may even be wrongly diagnosed with psychiatric problems and silenced with drugs that cause more brain damage.

Worryingly the authorities responsible for investigating injuries caused by those chemicals, for prosecuting offenders, and for confirming eligibility for disability benefits and workplace compensation are the same authorities responsible for approving the use of the chemicals. The instinctive approach therefore is to deny any harm related to their use.
Worse than this those authorities have been shown to deliberately introduce false information into cases in order to ensure that no diagnosis linked to the chemicals is permitted.

Those made disabled by the chemicals should rightfully have access to the law to be able to both gain compensation and to change the situation so that no others are as badly affected. Sadly most affected people are workers who have to apply for public funding to give them legal representation and again they find that the legal system is also controlled by the government whose agencies, again linked to those above, control any allowable actions by legal representatives. As a result, disgracefully, those harmed by the chemicals are then harmed again by the failure to present the correct information to the courts and the blocking of the ability to challenge false statements through the courts.
In fact the UK courts demand that if any information is available that could help the Courts reach the correct decision then that information MUST be made available even if it damages the case.
The truth is that this requirement has been deliberately ignored and even statements that are known to be false go unchallenged.
The disabled have little choice but to put their trust in the legal system but that trust is all too frequently abused.

All avenues of appeal require funding and the need to counter the legal representatives of the Government itself - and all too often false information is used to prevent cases being heard in Court.
The Government has now removed access to legal aid, is trying to prevent appeals to the Information Commissioner for vital information that the Government would rather be kept secret, and has made it more difficult for employees to challenge decisions by their employers.

Having had their way to the Courts blocked those affected have no choice but to fall back on the Social Security Benefits System which once recognised the dangers and the effects of these chemicals in the legislation.
The danger to the government in recognising numbers of harmed people is obvious and it is clear that the Government is determined not to allow recognition of the harm done and so ensures that knowledge of the harm is denied, even though Government Committees have reported on the very dangers that officials deny knowledge of and call for more research.
This is again a fraud because at best all that could be discovered is what was known and reported by advisers to Government some 8o years ago.
To ensure that few if any cases are recognised the authorities have now removed the conditions from the legislation, leaving those harmed by the chemicals with no way to obtain redress for the adverse effects on their lives and that of their families.
Worse still for those suffering the more severe effects the Government has decided to cut back on benefits paid to those unable to work and have added to that worry by cutting housing benefit for those unable to afford to pay the rentals on their homes. As if that were not enough there has been much criticism over the way medical assessments are carried out and in my own experience it is clear that evidence both in the medical records and found by medical examination is blatantly ignored in order to deny claimants their rightful levels of benefit, even by claiming pre-existing conditions that never existed so as to cut the payment levels for the condition. In all too many cases harm caused by the chemicals is completely denied and the officials use the well-tried trick, used in murder films, to imply that the symptoms experienced are “all in the mind”.
Such treatment of the disabled is a disgrace but in all areas of life where the chemicals are used it is used to great effect in order to protect the authorities.
In such varied occupations as nursing, transport, agriculture, aviation and military the victims have experienced just such treatment by the authorities in the UK.
It is a complete disgrace, made worse by the Prime Minister himself and his Chancellor of the Exchequer who have both incited hatred of those living on benefits by suggesting that they sit behind their curtains happy to live off the earnings of those who are able to go to work.
This has a sinister echo of the Nazi “Useless Eaters” T4 programme, which resulted in thousands of deaths.
In fact so corrupt is the system in the UK that it is reported that thousands have already died here after being falsely declared as “fit to work” and many more are left in poverty.

There are supposed to be special rules in law for those who are disabled and therefore unable to represent themselves but when I was asked by a member of the House of Lords, no less, to take the Government to Judicial Review so as to expose the criminal actions used to pervert justice I tried all avenues available to obtain legal representation but was blocked at every stage. One of the staff at the High Court was so shocked by my story that she offered to try to help but she was very soon removed from her post. A solicitor who did attempt to help was herself threatened with prosecution by the Government simply for taking notes.
There is a determination not to have any independent record of proceedings in such matters#.

In my considered opinion successive UK Governments have been abusing their power, and the disabled, and it is a disgrace.

My story is far too long to report accurately here but if it helps an outline of what has happened is on the World Wide Web and can be read at
while the unaccountability of officials is accounted for here

I hope that this information will be of use to you.
I fear that I am housebound and have been for many years as the exposure to the chemicals has made my body extremely susceptible to low level exposures and to movement and low-level exposure exposure to many chemicals can trigger life-threatening reactions but if I can be of further assistance please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely.


If anyone wants to see the United Nations Convention on Disbility Rights it is here
With a history of the process here

Complex examination of the Mechanisms of Toxicity is found here - (Warning) It is a large file - about 6 MB.

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