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The following is a letter by Mrs Brenda Sutcliffe at her request.
The letter is one of many written to the Health & Safety Executive in the UK, an organisation that has been less than open, honest, or competent, in its duty to protect the health of those using or exposed to the deadly organophopsphorus compounds.


Dear Mr Podger,

I recently faxed you a copy of a letter I received from Mr Paul Rowen MP. I have not yet received an acknowledgement of this and quite frankly, with your organisations track record do I expect one?
Mr Rowen suggests that through Mr Chris Davies MEP. we take the problem of sheep the poisoning to the European Parliament, or as a second option that we request yourselves, HSE, to make further enquiries.

The problem of organophosphate sheep dip poisoning does not go away overnight. When the cholinesterase enzyme in the blood is destroyed it recovers very slowly, but whilst it is depleted it destroys one's mental capacity. The destruction of the Paraoxonase enzyme affects the flow of blood to the heart, permanently. It defies belief that 666,000 of public money is being spent on the shepherd's problems... Which is quite a large number of us, and you must take into account that the folk who suffered cardiac arrest are not in a position to complain. The people who could cope no longer and committed suicide are also in the category of non- complainants and yet if they had been privy to the draft document of your paper MS 17 which mentions the suicide impulse would they have used this garbage at all? I think not.

I am grateful to the British Medical Association for their 2002 publication which tells one all one needs to know about organophosphate poisoning. We all have the right to know when our health and lives are at stake not to mention the effect it has on the unborn child and of course the animals. There is a desperate need for some action to be taken and in my opinion it is still your departments problem. There is a simple solution. 1. Read my 2nd publication, "Cause and Effect Part 2" paying particular attention to the hazard fact sheet on Crufomate, the first organophosphate used on cattle. This paper speaks for itself.
2. Confront the manufacturers of Crufomate and ask for their comments and possible rebuttal of this information, bearing in mind that I have only used peer reviewed and published papers in my research.
3. Start to publish the truth.

I do understand that you are a very important man but understand this. You fall way below the importance of my family and of any other sheep dip victims family.

Yours faithfully,

Signed: Brenda Sutcliffe.

Dated 17/4/2007.

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