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1st September 2015

Undercover Policing Inquiry
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For the attention of Mr Christopher Pitchford

Dear Sir,

It is extremely difficult for members of the public to know if they have been targeted by people who are not who they say they are in order to undermine their work or to infiltrate and manipulate campaign groups.
All I know is that I have requested the help of all manner of officials to stop the interference with my post, phone calls and computer files for many years without any success.
In fact when I approached the Investigatory Powers Tribunal to ask for the names of those who gave permission for such actions they refused to get involved unless I completed a form, which they kindly provided.
That form required me to name the person or organisations who were involved before the Tribunal could get involved. I felt it was something of a sick joke.
A close contact of mine, a vulnerable female, was targeted several times by people whose obvious intention was to undermine her work and her reputation. I will not name her here but she has asked me to contact the Inquiry because of what happened to her. She was not alone.
For some years I was in contact with a former senior Policeman. His entire family were harmed, including his pets and friends. There were deaths involved but as soon as he raised his concerns his colleagues in the Police force turned against him. Last time I had contact with him, several years ago, he was in hiding, fearful for his life and that of his wife. He stopped one telephone call expressing concern that specialist equipment he was using proved that my home phone was being tapped. This was confirmed years later during another conversation when I was told that signs on the line were those known to occur when surveillance was in progress. Many callers to this day report that my phone has unusual properties, often when potentially controversial conversations take place.
Sadly I have lost contact with that former Policeman who lost faith in his force. I hope that he is still alive but one of his concerns was that unknown persons had removed his medical records from the hospital having conned hospital staff that they were he. I have read that this ploy is often used.
It has been going on for a very long time now and I reported my concerns at the time in my submissions to the BSE Inquiry.
At this point I have to say that I have nothing to hide and I have no concerns about officials or the Police listening to my telephone conversations - provided they do not interfere with my communications.
Sadly this is not what happens.
Many years ago during High Court actions I was required to provide medical evidence to a doctor chosen by the Courts. I sent an 11-page fax to the doctor, who urgently needed the information.
The doctor was seated by the telephone and fax machine but never received the fax. Both my fax machine and the telephone bill provided confirmation that the correct number had been dialled and the time taken for the transmission also matched on both reports. I was asked why I had not sent the required information and so had to re-send the fax - again confirmed by both report,s but that time successful.

As mentioned I reported my concerns to the BSE Inquiry and at the time I asked them to put a stop to the interference. For information, just by chance I noticed that all the files on my computer had been accessed, copied, compressed by means of which I have no knowledge at all, and sent to persons unknown by an email client that I did not even know was on the computer, and which I had never used.
So annoyed was I at the time that I put a single page word file on the computer with the large letters “I C U”.
Within 24 hours I had a message supposedly from an NGO - subject "re U” - clearly the files on my computer were indeed being accessed - I believe they still are as certain changes I make are altered on a regular basis. Over time we learn when things are being altered by third parties.
Post is also interfered with, all too often opened or with the tell-tale insertion points. Sent post frequently never arrives and even innocent letters to elderly friends in Canada are held by their customs for more than three weeks with no reasons given. One was even neatly sliced open and the letter removed before continuing its journey leaving our disappointed friend holding an empty envelope neatly cut open.
Strangely weeks after my complaints a letter arrived with the contents returned with the suggestion that it had been found “loose in the post” yet nothing identified all the contents as linked.
So many people with similar conditions as my own report exactly the same issues, so much so that they wrap sticky tape around all their envelopes to ensure that the contents arrive intact.
It cannot be a coincidence, especially as they also report what we found 20 years ago in that we could end telephone conversations simply by saying key words in our conversations at which the line went dead.
The tapping systems appear far more efficient today but, as I tell my contacts, it is good that they are listening because it is evidence that they know the truth.
Unfortunately despite knowing the truth they are still paid to hide it from the rest of the public.

No matter who, or what organisation is involved there is little doubt that this is still going on and I suspect it is the result of the close ties between government, the industries involved and insurers.
This may explain why groups of activists were considered as one for the purpose of establishing permissions for surveillance.
Such a move is as foolish as it is useless for in all groups there is disagreement and even if names are known there is no way of knowing who trust or support those in the group.
In fact some deliberately add names and addresses to emails to give the impression of support when they have none so it is wrong to assume that all in a group agree.
As above this is even true of the Police, some of whom no doubt are prepared to act unlawfully whilst others would not dream of doing so.
however blanket permissions for the surveillance of groups of people and their contacts can very soon be for everyone, massively increasing the costs to the Police and other agencies, who seem somehow to avoid acting against the proven criminals - even aiding and abetting them at times.

I reported serious criminal offences to lawyers, judges, the Lord Chancellor’s Office, the Office for Judicial Complaints, Ombudsmen, the Law Society, there Bar Council and all the organisations involved in investigating crimes and fraud, including the Police. NONE were prepared to even do a cursory investigation. Perhaps the most honest comment was made by a member of the Action Fraud Staff who told me that “These people are obviously very well protected” - but it is the public who should be protected from them.

By now you may be wondering what the issues are that cause crimes to be ignored.
I can tell you simply that they are ignored in order to protect the government and its advisers.
My case like many others from all walks of life involves the poisoning and disabling effects of government approved poisons.
In my case I was poisoned by an admitted illegal mix of poisons of unknown toxicity and so, given the official confirmation of the diagnosis and support for it by the NHS, there really was no reason for the deception used by officials of government to pervert justice in my case, especially given the official line that every effort would be made to stamp out illegal chemical use.
BUT my case involved two organophosphates that are approved for mixing with our food and it would be dangerous for the regulators and the government to admit that harm had been caused.
As a result every effort was made to suppress the truth and prevent access to justice. Those efforts succeeded, to my detriment, but in order to succeed they had to pre-empt any efforts I might make to expose the wrong-doing, which explains all of the above, including the Policeman and lady mentioned above who was drawn into relationships with the intent to stop her exposing the same issues.
Sadly despite the fact that our intention is merely to warn of the dangers and prevent others being harmed we are regarded as a risk to government and worthy of not only surveillance but of being trapped into poverty and danger by the dishonesty of officials, who then allow surveillance and interference with our communications in order to protect themselves.
As an example having exposed the deception and perversion of justice by staff of the Health and Safety Executive the organisation then Blacklisted me, refusing to answer correspondence.
That organisation is responsible for approving the poisons as “safe”.
They have good reason to fear the truth escaping.
Many of the so-called “Green” groups also find themselves under surveillance and infiltration by undercover individuals, as we have seen.

I doubt very much that this Inquiry will see fit to expose these crimes either. From being a great believer in our system of justice I now believe it to be totally corrupt and designed to enrich those involved.
As I wrote to those responsible for Fraud investigations when they refused to even look at the multi-million pound fraud involved in this issue through farcical legal process to scientific and medical research funds which are kept revolving amongst a close group of scientists -
“Corruption is now not only condoned but it is encouraged if it supports current government policy”.
I fear I am convinced that such is the reality in Britain today. It is a disgrace and a tragedy but it explains all the illegal goings on performed by undercover units intent on destroying protest groups.

Hope of interest and perhaps your Inquiry will be able to tell me who, or what organisation, is causing me so much grief with my communications?

Dated 01/02/2005    Updated 20/02/2016

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