Comments on the benefit system to the campaign group 38 Degrees.

30th January 2013

I understand that you need to "Help Michael Meacher convince Iain Duncan Smith to stand up to ATOS".

Many of us have been trying to get the crooks who do the bidding of the DWP investigated for a very long time.
I reported to the National Audit Office of the waste and fraud way back in 2003 when SchlumbergerSEMA, another dishonest foreign-owned firm, had the contract but it is clear that the attack on the poor and disabled is being led by MPs and Civil Servants who not merely condone but actually encourage the criminal activity.
I could send you copies of my correspondence with the Serious Fraud Office, The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and Action Fraud in my attempts to trigger a Police investigation but it would be too much here.
What is telling is that Action Fraud controls all reports of fraud but is only a charity which will not accept reports that will not "go through our tool" - the "tool" is their on-line reporting programme, which is useless.
Not only but also when speaking to them after several failed attempts to report the serious £multi-million fraud they simply said "obviously these people are very well protected"

Whoever, or whichever organisation protects "these people" is unaccountable to Parliament and the Monarchy.
They truly are above the law and I suspect that the Treasury Solicitors, who now control the Bank of England, are behind the perjury, deception and perversion of Justice that is denying their victims their rights.
The verbal and financial attack on benefit claimants amounts to persecution and inciting the hatred of a minority and the very wealthy politicians, who are themselves drawing huge sums of money from the taxpayers, are reneging on the long-standing promise from the State to ensure that all those injured when working for the benefit of the state are properly funded when disabled by those injuries and in their retirement.
Now we are all the same - and all treated as criminals and work-shy dishonest spongers.
The real criminals are protected.

It takes me a very long time to prepare these comments and as you will see copying and pasting often results in date errors etc...

For your interest and information I copy, below and attached, my submissions to Professor Harrington, who I understand has given up the unequal struggle, plus my report to the National Audit Office, which they said confirmed their suspicions but did not result in investigation or prosecutions. The DWP is behind the deception and it is that department that approves the dangerous chemicals that harm our health, investigates adverse health effects caused by those chemicals AND determines eligibility for benefit for those harmed.
When such control is in one unaccountable group's hands we are ALL in grave danger....

I should add that the Police themselves wrote identifying a dozen criminal offences by officials and others in my own case but refused to investigate or even to interview me - I am disabled and housebound due to the induced serious effects of the chemical and am myself now being processed yet again by the flawed DWP system!
My MP is/was supposedly on the "Justice Committee" but after seeking advice he wrote ”police do not necessarily have a duty to investigate all crime. Section 10 of the Police Act 1996 (as Amended) gives Chief Constables responsibility for the direction and control of their respective police forces.
There is case law to suggest that, although under a general duty to uphold the law, chief officers of police retain discretion as to the degree of effort they will attach to any particular law at any particular time. Individual police officers also have wide discretion over how and when they make use of the powers available to them.

The MP suggested that Police decisions could be challenged in the courts but the courts were reluctant to involve themselves and legal challenges tend to fail.

Formal complaints could be made to the Police Complaints Commission and the only other option is to bring a private prosecution but chance of success is limited.

On the advice of Member of the House of Lords I tried to get the actions of the DWP Judicially reviewed but no matter how much I tried I could not obtain legal assistance - the DWP having removed that right.

If of interest an outline of my story, in need of updating, is to be found at

I fear the corruption goes high and is embedded into the system.

I wish you luck with Michael Meacher. A good man who has no power over protected, dishonest Civil Servants.

Dated 30/01/2013    Updated 21/02/2016

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