Organophosphates, PesticideS, and Related Ubiquitous Substances.

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"Air Fears" video the neurological effects of fume events on aircraft.....

The importance of correct diagnosis and the dangers of misdiagnosis....

A scientific researchers view on the dangers of OPs and contaminated injectables....

The inconsistent information from government the confused responses to Novichok and other OP poisonings...

Comparing cases of poisoning the effects of aviation, agricultural and military organophosphorus exposure...

The Medical Research Council what they know but choose to forget....

Can We Trust the Pesticide Regulators?

Above the Law?

Who is at Risk and How?

Poisoning by Stealth

Hazard or Risk - or both?

The dangers of hormone disrupting chemicals

The story of poisoned airline pilot Captain Leonard Lawrence (Rtd).

Emergency link for help with Post Traumatic Stress.(November 2013)

A Support Group for those exposed to poisons (October 2013)

Medical Records and the Law (October 2013)

Letter to the UK Committee on Toxicity on Organophosphates 2011

Submissions to the UK Committee on Toxicity on Organophosphates

The so-called "Compensation Culture"

Changes designed to prevent successful PD C3 claims

How all of us are put at risk

A pesticide victim's experience of the law - updated 2009

Update from Colonel Allan E. Limburg,March 2009

The Post Mortem of a 48 year old exposed to pesticides.

Zuckerman - two further reports were hidden.

Zuckerman - deadly dangers of organophosphorus pesticides.

The effects of pesticides on the vital mitochondria.

The Great BSE Scam, by the late Dr Kitty Little.

Observations on the testing of an early BSE case.

Observations on contaminated vaccines, and links to Foot and Mouth and BSE.

The immune system effects of Organophosphorus and Organochlorine Pesticides.

An Official Review of the Management of Organophosphorus Poisoning.

Environment Agency Consultation - Managing Chemicals for a Better Environment.

Some of the Visual abnormalities in Organophosphorus Poisoning.

Mrs Sutcliffe's latest letter to the UK Health & Safety Executive.

Mrs Sutcliffe's second paper on BSE and its cause which is also now found in the British library.

A Champion Pig farmer's horrific problems with "experimental pig feeds"

The "forgotten" causes of ME/CFS

The late Mark Purdey was Right! - a sad loss to the world

Pesticides - why all the fuss?

More from Colonel Allan E. Limburg,March 2006

A tribute to those we lost in 2005

More comments on the UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution Pesticide Report

Click here to view a paper on BSE and Poisoning by Mrs Sutcliffe which is now found in the British library.

End the Corruption that causes Poverty

DEFRA questions and answers on Pesticides in our food

Conclusion to Department of Community Services steal a child? By Eve Hilary.

Pesticides in food - the inadequacies of testing

Important papers re. Korean and Gulf War Veterans and MCS

More on Korean and Gulf War Veterans and MCS

A Study of Birth Defects in the UK.

Important Publications for Reference.

The dangers of contraindicated drugs .

Your story - your voice in the Wilderness.

MCS admitted in Korean Veteran after long battle

A call for Police investigation

A delivery driver is poisoned by his load

A Factory worker's experience of the law

The Sutcliffe theory on BSE causation

Could you dip sheep and comply with these rules?

Details on Crufomate poisoning - 490 kb

Comments on the UK Human Rights Act

The supposed rights of sick patients in the UK

Why officials responsible for our safety cannot see the problems caused by dangerous chemicals

A look at the UK Foot and Mouth Crisis of 2001

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