Colonel Allan E.Limburg,CVO,(Retd),

29 Threadbow Crescent,

Wheelers Hill,3150.

28 May 2004.


Fax 9547 7944                                                            9 pages.


Mr Alan Griffin,MP,

Federal Member for Bruce,

PO Box 9, Waverley Gardens PO,

Mulgrave, Vic, 3170.


Dear Alan,


Korean War Veterans Mortality Study Report & Toxic Chemicals  and

The Disabling and Deadly Effects of  Untested Toxic & Neuro-toxic  Chemicals on

Veterans of all  wars since 1945 and on all Civilians, and

 Irretrievable Damage to their Offspring,  to future human generations, and to birds, animals, fish, water supplies, lakes, foodstuffs and additional degradation of agricultural land and its produce


" New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason

but because they are not already common."- John Locke


" Surely there is always that in experience Which could warn us; and the worst

That can be said of any of us is :He did not pay attention. " -William Meredith


19 May 1951. GHQ. SECRET. Insect Control by Aircraft in Korea Directive :


The use of aircraft for the dispersal of insecticides is indicated under certain conditions. It must be for the control of disease-bearing insects and on projects conducive to airplane spraying. It may be indicated when :

            a. there is insufficient time to establish effective ground control ,

            b. where circumstances prevent ground access to breeding areas,

            c. where aircraft dispersal of insecticides offers sufficient economy in manpower to justify its utilisation.


IN Korea these conditions may be found in both the FORWARD AND REAR AREAS.


Commanding General, Far East Air Force, is responsible for performing the SPRAYING or DUSTING missions for insect control as requested by Commanding General, Eighth Army.




( Note : aircraft used included at least helicopters and  T6 Harvards for spot spraying and  C-46 Curtis Commanders for large-area spraying or dusting of our own troops - see statements by Col. Hatfield,DFC,AM and  77 Squadron RAAF members and others. Initially the spraying unit was located at K-37, then K-47 ). See research papers KVM&HSC 5 and 8.


Extracts of 8 page typed transcript of taped interview with medically trained Ivan P. Ryan by Dr Bradley, myself and Mr Des Guilfoyle on 7 July 1997 following approach by him, . . . Includes his visits to storage buildings containing toxic chemicals, the names of many of which he lists including DDT, 2,4-D, 2,4,5-T ( Agent Orange ) used for ground spraying of living  and surrounding areas, Dieldrin, Chlordane, Lindane, Pyrethrum, Malathion, Gammexane, weedicides, Dibutylphthlate, HCB Hexachlorobenzene, DDD, DTE,DDE (breakdowns of DDT), Chlorine, Chlorophenol, Creosote, Eyrthromycin, Lead paint used on insides of 44 gallon drums used for storing drinking water, rat poisons, Streptomycin, Tetracyclin, Vibramycin, Benzol, Benzole, Paraffin oils, Hexamine tablets (for cooking), 3 Methylpentane, 2 Methylpentane, N. Hexane,  - caused "choofer tan" dry throat, coughing up of black and yellow sputum, conjunctivitis, URTI, head colds, respiratory tract infections (everyone had respiratory tract infections, head colds), Dieselene, Petroleum, Airborne Lead, Detergents, Kerosene, Chlorine (overused, water tasted foul, smelt awful, lot of tongue irritation, rough teeth, gastro, urine problems, frequency, all colours - milky, smoky, cold tea, deep amber, offensive), Insecticides, Aerosols, Anti-mite and anti-flea chemicals, Methanol or Ethanol, Paludrine, Salt - regular issue, it made me sick, vomiting, could not tolerate it. He also deals with asbestos on ships, excessive sun exposure, exposure to viruses, viral agents, cytotoxic drugs, sun glasses and protective clothing, gloves etc never issued. He details problems with management of water points. He spent a lot of time in RAP and lists some of symptoms regularly treated. He agrees that regular exposure to wide range of chemicals plus contaminated water and other factors has in many cases resulted in permanent damage to bodily immune system, with such damage starting usually with the brain. He agrees from his knowledge that a lot of Korean veterans have died young - in early 30's mostly late 40's, certainly well before 60. (which the recent Korean Veterans Mortality Study Report confimes and highlights as stated in my letter to Senator Bishop ). He tried to get data but none available. He believed that most Korean veterans sent to Heidelberg  for psychiatric treatment were NOT true psycho cases - he felt that some were sent there because the doctors were unable to decide on the symptoms ( typical of chemical poisoning as reported by many doctors ). He recalled 15 or 20  young Korean veterans who he treated  or knew in a period of 5 years at RGH Heidelberg - 3 of whom committed suicide. In his Attachment B he lists  details of water points, medical problems observed at Tokchon and names and problems of Korean inmates at  Bundoora Psychiatric Hospital and RGH Heidelberg.

Research paper KVM&HSC 8- ignored in the Report.


'' There are none so blind as

Those who do Not want to see. "


It appears to me necessary to every physician to be skilled in nature, and to strive to know if he would wish to perform his duties, what a man in relation to the articles of  food and drink, and to other occupations, and what are the effects of each of them to everyone . . . Whoever who pays no attention to these things, or paying attention does not comprehend them, how can he understand the diseases which befall a man ?" Hippocrates.


 " INTOLERANT responses are NOT necessarily DOSE RELATED, they are THRESHOLD related. Which means that below a certain THRESHOLD a person may have ABSOLUTELY NO response and NO reaction whatsoever. Above their THRESHOLD, which we CANNOT PREDICT because it is in fact peculiar to that individual, the FULL range of SYMPTOMS can come on VERY RAPIDLY with almost a TRIVIAL INCREASE in DOSE, . . . we DO see it in CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY. . . So THAT'S NOT DOSE related." Dr Mark Donohue.


" LOW LEVELS OF CHEMICALS CAN cause illness,  Human exposure to chemicals HAS increased., Chemicals may show SILENTLY CUMULATIVE TOXICITY, Some chemicals CAN cause IMMUNOLOGICAL HYPERSENSITIVITY."

            Dr Jean A Munro,MB, BS, MRCS,LRCP,FAAEM,DIBEM,MACOEM.

" I believe that exposures to such a deadly cocktail of potent, poisonous chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, carcinogens, radiation, irradiation and  petroleum products to which those (Korean War) veterans were very regularly exposed could well result in permanent damage to the regulation of their immune and other bodily systems, the development of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities TO EXTREMELY SMALL AMOUNTS OF CHEMICALS etc,, resulting in early deaths and in the development of a wide range of debilitating symptoms, illnesses and diseases amongst the veterans still living, many of which were acquired shortly after the war, and that the direct cause of such early deaths and debilitating symptoms, illnesses and diseases amongst those still living could well be from such regular exposures to all those potent, poisonous chemicals etc., rather than the normal causes of individual illnesses and diseases."  Dr Judith Ford,B Sc (Hons 1),PhD,HGACC, Senior Scientist & Managing Director, Genetic Consulting and Testing Pty Ltd.


" The critical defining features of MCS are that it is an acquired disorder; sufferers have recurring symptoms; symptoms involve more than one organ system; reactions and exacerbations are triggered by many chemically diverse substances; reactions PERSIST after separation of the person from the original causative agent(s); REACTIONS AND EXACERBATIONS OCCUR AT VERY LOW EXPOSURE." Dr Mark Donohue.


" The mind of man has removed the stopper from the medicine jar. The chemical genie, formerly imprisoned within, now stands before us. He is a spirit known to work miracles, but also to wreak havoc - to improve life or destroy it. It is NOT clear that we are yet sufficiently wise to control the genie adequately. It is clear that we can never wish him back in the jar." L.Lasagna, from Henning Sjostrom and Robert Nilsson (ed). " Thalidomide and the Power of the Drug Companies."


" The TRUTH DRUG is NOT always what the doctor orders

as BOGUS medical research papers show ", Melissa Sweet.


Medicine MUST evolve as SOCIETY EVOLVES and the ENVIRONMENT CHANGES. To stay still is not merely to STAGNATE, but to REGRESS as the WORLD MOVES ON. Doctors are a CONSERVATIVE  lot and, to a certain degree rightly so ; they must safeguard their patients against unfounded chicanery. History abounds with quack remedies and popular crazes which were enthusiastically embraced without one iota of proof. CLINICAL ECOLOGY is NOT in this category. Doctors have every right to express their opinions. But, when their OPPOSITION is based on BIAS, nurtured in IGNORANCE, and delivered with ANIMOSITY, do they have the MORAL right to DENY their patients access to KNOWLEDGE that could bring wonderful new equilibrium into their lives ?  Diana Crumpler.


" IGNORANCE of the symtomatology of ENVIRONMENTAL ILLNESS AND MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY (El/MCS) can be an enormous barrier faced by people with the condition who cannot work full-time and who seek income support from the many government departments or compensation from employers. . . .

However this is a real struggle and time consuming when a person is ill, confused, depressed and including the restrictions of chemical sensitivity. . .  I CONCUR that the KOREAN VETERANS have been exposed to toxic substances, and the resulting illnesses have and are still both UNKNOWN or UNRECOGNISED by the VETERAN AFFAIRS, the DEFENCE DEPARTMENT and  least of all by the GOVERNMENTS." Dr Brian E. Goble.


" The problem with PEER REVIEW is that we have GOOD EVIDENCE on its DEFICIENCIES and POOR EVIDENCE ON ITS BENEFITS. We know that it is EXPENSIVE, SLOW, PRONE TO BIAS, OPEN TO ABUSE, possibly ANTI-INNOVATORY and UNABLE TO DETECT FRAUD. We also know that the published papers that emerge from the process are often GROSSLY DEFICIENT." Melissa Sweet.

" We will still have veterans with problems and will probably never be able to rigorously and scientifically determine the cause. "   (he has not heard of the RMA)  Dr Kizer, Under Secretary for Health, Department for Veterans' Affairs, Canada.


" What we are faced with is the fact that in Medicine, a problem can be VERY, VERY OBVIOUS - it could be VERY, VERY COMMON and yet TOTALLY IGNORED, and this is hard to comprehend, because we have so many research establishments, and we have so many people in medicine that are obviously brilliant, and yet some of the major health problems of the world are DELIBERATELY and KNOWINGLY IGNORED."  Dr A. Kalokerinos.


" The OLD doctors were healers. They had NO SCIENCE. They made terrible mistakes. Todays doctors claim to be SCIENTISTS (as do the eminent doctors in the RMA) ; yet they still make terrible mistakes. What we desperately need is a BALANCE between the SCIENCE of medicine and the ART of medicine." Diana Crumpler.


" Despite the known events of clear fraud in the data submitted for original chemical registrations, we are repeatedly reassured by the relevant authorities that there is " NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF " that common chemicals can cause adverse human health effects. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. But accepted. Why ? PROFESSIONAL IGNORANCE would be a reasonable place to start - in my opinion anyhow. Political IGNORANCE would be an equally reasonable explanation." Dr Larry Budd,MB BS,FRACP.


                        *                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *


Yesterday I received from Sarah McDowell, your Electoral Officer, a copy of Senator Mark Bishop’s letter to you dated 19 May 2004, in response to your letter to him  dated 8 April 2004, to which  you  attached a copy of my recent letter to Mrs Diana Buckland  dated 5 April 2004 (my kwvmsr5) titled Korean War Veterans Mortality Study Report & Toxic Chemicals to which was attached a very supportive, detailed letter from Professor Malcolm Hooper of Sunderland University.


Before commenting on the somewhat astonishing contents of Senator Bishop’s reply let me provide you with some relevant background most of which you have received from me  during the past decade, as has Senator Bishop, and every Australian politician and many other veterans and civilians in Australia and in many overseas countries.


The purpose of  my  writing to Diana Buckland  my recent, revealing, highly disturbing  letter, one more of many, about the devious manner in which the Korean, the Vietnam, the Gulf and the Atomic Veterans Inquiries and Reports and the Royal Commission into Agent Orange and the 2001 astonishing, biased, devious decision by the RMA regarding MCS (since criticised by eminent researchers ) have all been conducted, and in which they all have deliberately evaded  each of the vital issues, was that she, and many others, are conducting a world-wide Global Campaign for recognition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity aka chemically induced illnesses and diseases affecting veterans and civilians. It is already getting significant response including one submission from Italy by eminent researchers supported by 20,000 signatures.


Having received my latest submission, the one received by Senator Bishop, she emailed it world-wide in early April to the many thousands who are on her network, who, in turn, distribute it on their own large networks and publish some of it permanently on the Internet.

A copy of my recent letter and attachment which you forwarded to Senator Bishop, and on which he apparently based the contents of his reply without apparenty bothering to read and study  its contents,  is already on the Internet for world-wide study at ( - War Veterans’ Chemically Induced Illnesses and Diseases. I am contemplating having additional well supported, relevant material added to that website, probably including some or all of the well supported 39 research papers produced by Dr Bradley and myself at the request of the Chairman of the Korean  Study Committee for issue to each member for study and for them to vote on the contents during their deliberations, all of which appears to have been delberately swept under the carpet and surprisingly receves no mention in the Mortality Report (it is not difficult to realise why), and probably including copies of each of the many relevant letters on the subject which I have addressed to him and to many others, including politicians, and copies of their replies - all of which will make very interesting and disturbing reading indeed by the general public and by veterans, world-wide.


As you are aware from all the efforts that you personally made to the current and previous Ministers for Veterans’ Affairs, and to others, on many of these vital issues requesting detailed information and/or action, all of which have been deviously denied, using the most implausable excuses, you, probably more than anyone, are aware of how the Government seems  determined to ignore all these issues so vital to the whole future of environmental global health and more importantly global human health.


As the Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs we expected that Senator Bishop would, at the very least,  have taken positive action to expose such hypocricy and to do all in his power, at least on behalf of veterans, their widows and children, if not as a politician on behalf of all civilians particularly those in his electorate. But this appears to not be the case.


It is worth re-stating that, based on several US studies the % of the population disabled in some way by exposures to untested toxic and neuro-toxic chemicals is about 30% - which, when added to their family members and friends means that a very sizable proportion of each electorate has been significantly affected. While they may not yet be aware of it, once they realise  the enormity of it, as they certainly will from the world-wide groundswell that is ever gaining momentum, any politician who does nothing about it is likely to be unseated. That, surely, should be sufficient to spur them into action,  whether or not they have any feelings and conscience about the unnecessary suffering and deaths of so many veterans and civilians and irretrievable damage to our environment. Our political leaders must bite the bullet and take every  and all actions necessary to formally address this massive global problem. It will not go away. It will get worse.


Senator Bishop’s Reply :


With that as just some background let me now comment on the contents of Senator Bishop’s letter to you, much of which would make Sir Humphrey Appleby proud.


            1. In his paragraph 2 he states paternally that it is a matter of ongoing concern. It certainly is - the real concern is that nobody and no politician is doing anything about it and there is no indication that he or his staff intend to do so, despite having been specifically asked.

            2. In paragaph 3 he states Colonel Limburg would be aware that a mortality study has recently been completed with respect to Korean Veterans.  I find that a surprising statement because if he or his staff had even bothered to read what was sent it would be obvious that not only was I aware, but had studied the report in detail (after you kindly sent me a copy), and provided the details to him, and it would be obvious if my letter was read and studied I was justly most concerned with its long delayed outcome and the deliberate manner in which the subject of exposure to toxic chemicals, which was one of the 3 subjects to be studied, had been deviously and deliberately ignored for reasons which are clearly incorrect. The same applies to the reports for Vietnam and Gulf veterans, as stated  in that letter. Surely those are vital issues which he should be not only most concerned about but personally be doing something positive to correct them.

            3. In paragraph 4 he states that It is evident that the mortality rate is significantly higher than that of the rest of the population, (and that of Vietnam veterans as stated) no doubt, due in part to the exposure that  Colonel Limburg refers to, it is difficult to quantify. Yes, it is evident that it is significantly higher because I told him so. While agreeing with me that there is no doubt that it is due in part, in fact in significant part, he appears to merely accept it and do nothng because he states it is difficult to quantify.  If he had bothered to read all the considerable evidence which I have amassed and presented over the past decade I am sure that he would have to agree that it is not in the least difficult to quantify, as expresed in my letter and previous submissions. It could readily easily have been quantified in the Health Questionnaire, but ever aspect of  it (one of the 3 reasons for the study) has be quite deliberately left out of the Questionnaire as highlighted in my letter (you will recall that you specifically requested a copy of the Questionnaire long ago but the Minister refused to release it for reasons which do not stand up). Once again this is a major issue which should be corrected by him.

            4. In the next paragraph he makes a statement which I find confusing, whereby he states that This is a matter which we have been perusing (persuing ?) actively with the Government over the last 6 months. Why has he only been actively perusing it for the last 6 months when the study was approved over 6 1/2 years ago and details have been forwarded regularly to his office since 1998. It has been obvious right from the start in 1997 that they were not going to address this vital issue, using a variety of ever changing devious excuses, not one of which can be justified.

            5. In the same paragraph he states that in particular during an inquiry being conducted by the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee. I would be most grateful if he  would kindly forward to me (a) a copy of the Terms of Reference in which it clearly states that the whole question of all aspects of exposures to the very wide range of toxic chemicals is to be adequately addressed, (b) a copy of the Protocol  which should, in relation to toxic chemicals be based on  data relevant to the fundamentally different way in which toxic chemicals work, and  (c) a copy of the members of the committee with their relevant qualifications to undertake such an inquiry involving toxic chemicals, together with (d) a written assurance from him , based on his statements that in particular we are actively perusing (persuing ?)  this vital matter. But in any case as I understand it, that Inquiry is being directed to what should be done in the future and will have no relevance to overcoming the problems of existing veterans, widows and their families.

            6. I am heartened by his statement that this is a matter  of great concern to us, although once again it reminds me of Sir Humphrey. If it genuinely  is of  great concern what does he  intend to do to rectify the devious deliberate way that in each of the Reports for Korean, Vietnam and Gulf War veterans and in the RMA determination in 2001 they have completely ignored this vital issue for specious reasons which are incorrect ?

            7. In his detailed study he should also read and understand  and take action on what I have revealed in my other well supported, hidden and suppresed research papers on such, relevant matters as (a) the selection of so called experts on the Korean Study Scientific Advisory Committee, (b) the dubious and irrelevant methodologies and protocols applied to the studies, (c) the attitudes of conservative, untrained doctors, scientists and medical professionals to Chemical Injury, Chemical Sensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, (d) the political might of the powerful chemical industry and its powerful lobby and its insidious, undue influence in health decisions and (e) the medical, scientific, political and bureaucratic resistance to Chemical Injury, Chemical Sensitivity and multiple Chemical Sensitivity based on ignorance and a desire to protect their own interests.


On a separate note I regularly study Senator Bishops media releases and newsletters which he sends me. In relation to the effects of toxic and neuro-toxic chemicals he, once again,  avoids the matter by stating that it cannot be scientifically proven. That, also, is incorrect, as a detailed study of much of which I have previously forwarded, based on eminent world-wide research and a preponderance of peer-reviewed papers etc. will prove. I would suggest that this whole issue is such an important one that it requires he and his staff to properly read, study and understand all the wealth of material on the subject, which from what I read is not the case, and then take positive action to remedy it.

Being a member of the Opposition it should not be difficult for him and other politicians to readily realise that this wole issue of toxic chemicals could well be an election winner, if necessary with the support of other parties and Independents.


In conclusion, based upon what I have written here, may I suggest that he and his staff  now  read and study correctly exactly  what was contained in the recent submission from me, supported by Professor Hooper,  followed by a study of all that I have previously fowarded, and then take positive action to remedy the situation.


If, as appears likely from his response, that he will do nothing positive, then I would be most grateful if you would kindly send copies of this and my previous submission to any other politician, of any persuasion, who would be prepared to do go to battle on behalf of veterans, their widows and children and all civilians,  as the issues raised are so vital and encompass much more than veterans entitlements, such as the environment, childrens health, health, the aged, water supplies, discrimination etc etc.


In addition I would also appreciate your  professional opinion as to how else these vital matters can be properly addressed and not deliberately ignored.


In support of the above I suggest that you and he and your staff  read, study and understand just a few of the following :

·        Eve Hillary’s latest, relevant, recently published book, September 2003, Heath Betrayal, Staying away from the Sickness Industry, ISBN 0 9750594-0-8. In particular note Chapter 6 - Protecting the Sickness Industry, Silencing the Victim on the subject of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which supports what I and many others, world-wide, including MCS Referral & Resources in the USA, have been saying for years. She unmasks how corporations manipulate government regulators, how the paid pro-chemical spokesmen of the chemical companies operate and how the media and the government manufacture consent and suppress the facts. I suggest that you should also study her 14 page paper dated May 12, 2003.-.TGA Skeletons. WHO Privatised the Regulator ?

·        In similar vein Guts, Brains & Gulf War Veterans, 2000, by Malcolm Hooper,PhD,B Pharm,C Chem, Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Sciences, University of Sunderland, UK, Chief Scientific Adviser to MOD and eminent researcher on Gulf War Syndrome, MCS and Autism, and those by many other learned, eminent researchers, makes a mockery of the methodologies and the conclusions of (1) the recent report on our and the British Gulf War Veterans, in which it states that a Gulf War Syndrome does not exist, in our case based on a report by an external paid contractor, Monash University, contrary to wide acceptance overseas, (2) the inappropriate methodologies applied by the RMA in it’s now denigrated determination that MCS does not exist and (3) the now highly discredited Royal Commission into Agent Orange, all of which clearly indicate a pattern by successive Ministers and the government to deny veterans their justified entitlements under the long held principles and intention of the Repatriation system. (copy of the UK report  and two other of his papers given to me by Professor Hooper when he visited and examined my research in October 2003).

·        Engaging with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) Towards Understanding Diagnosis and Treatment by Malcolm Hooper,PhD,B Pharm,C Chem, Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Sciences, University of Sunderland, UK, Chief Scientific Adviser to MOD and eminent researcher on Gulf War Syndrome, MCS and Autism, February 2003 (copies available from Northern Ireland Campaign for ME/CFS Healthcare, 108 Stranmillis Road Belfast, BT9 5AE). ME/CFS is closely inter-linked to MCS and Fibromyalgia and that book also covers MCS. (copy given to me by Professor Hooper when he visited and examined my research last October 2003).


Some other supportive publications or statements worthy of study are :

·        Quick Poison, Slow Poison by Dr Kate Short (now Dr Kate Hughes, Director Econeco P/L), 1949, ISBN 0 85881 127 8. 493 Wollombi Rd, St Albans,2775, Ph/fax 02 4568 2021. Environmental Head Sydney Olympics, 2000. Note chapter 11 - The Politics of Pesticide Risk.

·        The Battle After The War, The story of Australia’s Vietnam Veterans by Ambrose Crowe, 1999, ISBN 1 86508 060 8. Note decision to avoid accepting all illnesses and diseases from exposures to toxic chemicals, including MCS, by accepting them as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ! !

·        The War of the Veterans by J.G.Collins, 2002, ISBN 1 876245 32 8. I understand that John Collins, victim of Atomic Tests, is challenging the methodology of the Repatriation Medical Authority in the High Court, as have the Vietnam veterans. Note chapters on The Bureaucrats and The Politicians.

·        Our Stolen Future. Are We Threatening our Fertility, Intelligence and Survival ? by Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski & John Peter Myers, 1996, ISBN 0 349 10878 1. A must read for those concerned about the future of mankind.

·        The Street That Died Young, Australia’s Own Silent Spring by Gloria Frydman, 1997, ISBN 1 86463 022 1. I also have a copy of the report prepared by Knox Council to dispute its findings, which, in my opinion, is deliberately slanted, biased and probably unscientific and reveals the name of the actual street (fictitious in the book) and the fact that most of the occupants affected were living in Defence Service homes.

·        Chemical Allergies, Hidden chemical threats in Food and Household Products by Dr Richard Mackarness, 1980, 1990, ISBN 0 330 31355 X.

·        The Toxicity of Chemical Mixtures, an Introduction to recent developments in Toxicology by John K. Pollack, 1993, ISBN 0 86758 775 X.

·        Allergy Overload. Are Foods, Chemicals and Chemicals Killing You ? by Stephen Griffiths, 1987, ISBN 0  207 19060 7.

·        The Toxic Playground. A guide to reducing the chemical load in Schools & Childcare Centres, by Jo Immig, 2000, ISBN 0 946360 16 6.

·        Children of a Toxic Harvest by Eve Hillary, 1997, ISBN 0 95091 850 2.

·        Is The Medicine Making You Ill ?, 1989, ISBN 0 207 15796 0, by David Jackson & Rayner Soothill, including chapters on Part 1- The Crisis, Medicine may be hazardous to your health, Misuse and misunderstanding, The pharmaceutical industry, Drug safety - is it adequate?, The fallible professionals, Understanding how drugs work, Part 2 -The Drugs, directory of prescribed drugs. Two quotes - “Two terms have crept into medical literature over the last 20 years : drug-induced illness and iatrogenic disease, which means illness caused by your doctor.” “People continue to become ill and even die as a result of taking doctor prescribed drugs.”

·        Chemical Crisis, One Woman’s Story. Humanity’s Future ? by Diana Crumpler, 1994, ISBN 0 908011 25 3.

·        A - Z of Chemicals in the Home by Total Environmental Centre, a Choice Book, 1996, 1998, ISBN 0 947277 27 7.

·        Adverse Effects from Low Level Chemical Exposures by Dr Chris Winder, Associate Professor & Head, School of Safety Science, University of NSW, Sydney,2002. Ph 02 9385 5370. He covers MCS well in his paper, including the 3 stages of the disease. His evidence on MCS has been accepted in court cases.

·        MCS : A 1999 Consensus, included in Archives of Environmental Health, Los Angeles, 21.6.1999.

·         US Persian Gulf War Syndrome Compensation Act of 1999 HR 2697 IH which accepts Persian GULF WAR SYNDROME as an illness or disease and the basis of acceptance of a claim - a set of two or more specified chronic symptoms . . . regardless of whether the cause of any such symptom is diagnosed.

·         HR 4036 Persian Gulf War Veterans Health Act of 1998 which lists the exposures to which - Each Persian Gulf War veteran shall be presumed to have been exposed to the following potentially hazardous materials.

·        Of the more than 516 (669 at May 2002) peer reviewed scientific papers etc published since 1995, almost 66% (83% at May 2002 ) accept MCS as a clinical disease, NOT of psychogenic or psychiatric origin.  (MCS Referral & Resources, USA) Bulletins updated quarterly.

·        CFS, closely inter-linked to MCS, is accepted as a clinical disease with an ICD Code number and an RMA SoP.

·        Germany recently accepted MCS as a clinical disease with an ICD Code number.

·        Of 80,000 US Gulf War 1 veterans at least 28,000 (36%) have been diagnosed with MCS, 22,400 (28%) with CFS and 14,400 (18%) with Fibromyalgia. (MCS Referral & Resources, USA).

·        A Response, dated 26 September 2003, to the MRC Report Into Research Into UK Gulf Veterans’ Illness - Revised Following MRC presentation at House of Lords - 19th June 2003, by Malcolm Hooper,PhD,B Pharm,C Chem, Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Sciences, University of Sunderland, UK, Chief Scientific Adviser to MOD and eminent researcher on Gulf War Syndrome, MCS and Autism, in which he strongly criticises the report and demands a Public Inquiry.

·        MCS Under Siege by Ann Campbell,MD,Chair, MCS Task Force in Mexico, published in Sensitivity Matters, June 2002, the newsletter for the Environmental Sensitivity Support & Research Association Inc. A Most impressive summary and expose’ of the unfounded denigrations of MCS.

·        My letter dated 1.10.2003 to Professor Malcolm Hooper listing a suggested agenda for our talks following his request to visit my home and study my research into toxic chemicals and MCS.

·        My letter dated 2.10.2003 to Professor Malcolm Hooper following his day long visit to my home to examine my research on behalf of veterans and civilians exposed to toxic chemicals.

·        My letter dated 7 October 2003 to Professor Malcolm Hooper following his day long visit to my home to examine my research on behalf of veterans and civilians exposed to toxic chemicals.

·        My letter to A.Leggo, Board of Directors, Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation dated 14.10.2003 re effects of toxic chemicals on unborn children, damage to chromosomes, DNA & Future generations, RMA Statements of Principles and irrefutable evidence that their spurious claim that all other illnesses and diseases from exposure to toxic chemicals is already, included a long list of all of those which are not included in their RMA SoP’s, contrary to their  untrue  statement in their determination, with a copy to Professor Malcolm Hooper and others.

·        My 6 Factsheets, prepared some time ago, which although requiring some updating are substantially correct. Note in Factsheet 6 how sensible measures could eliminate most at little or no cost.

·        A copy of a letter dated 1.2.2000 that I sent to Mr David Watts, Australian Gulf War Veterans Association, to which was attached 13 documents relevant to MCS and a copy of a letter dated 4.2.2000 which I also sent to him concerning toxic chemicals and testing and a copy of a fax dated 23.8.2003 which I sent to James Cotter, the relevant contents of which should be self evident. These are but some of the hundreds of letters and faxes that I have sent on the subject.

·        A copy of a strong supporting statement on 24.9.1998 by Industrial Chemist Richard Harris,FRACI,FSASM,B Tech, C Chem, Chemical Enterprise Laboratory Services P/L, after studying my research papers in detail for some weeks.


I have already sent a copy of his reply to Diana Buckland and will send her a copy of this for her appropriate action through her Global network.


With my warmest regards. Yours sincerely,


Copy to :

Mrs Diana Buckland, Fax 07 3285 3573.

p> Dated 30/6/2004.

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