Organophosphates, Pesticide S, and Related Ubiquitous Substances.

Colonel Allan E. Limburg, latest news

Update from Colonel Allan E. Limburg,March 2009

More from Colonel Allan E. Limburg,March 2006

Korean Veteran's Multiple Chemical Sensitivity accepted by Veteran Affairs

Diana Buckland writes

The Disabling and Deadly Effects of Untested Toxic & Neuro-toxic chemicals


Colonel Limburg on the Mortality Study Report

Colonel Allan E. Limburg.

Supporting Medical Statements and Articles from Experts in this Field

Supporting letter from Captain Probyn-Smith, RAANC,(Retd)

Supporting letter from Lieutenant Gamble, RAAMC,(Retd),PhC,MPS


War Veterans Exposed to Toxic Chemicals & Health Study Reports

Mr Bob Morris, President of the Korea War Veterans Australia Recognition Committee, who has agreed in accordance with contents of the letter to him dated 2 March to pursue the acceptance of the Illnesses & Diseases which result from exposures to toxic chemicals, has requested that his contact details be advised so that anyone wishing to do so may contact him.

He provided the following contact details :
Phone - 02 4422 3333.
Fax - 02 4422 0861.

He would be grateful if you could advise anyone who might be interested and post this information on any web sites.

More information may be accessed in THE AUSSIE DIGGER FORIM web sites:

Or in the MCS-GLOBAL RECOGNITION CAMPAIGN for - MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY and other chemically induced illnesses, diseases and injury affecting CIVILIANS AND MILITARY PERSONNEL :

If you want action taken on these issues it is up to you personally to do something about it.

Some of the Latest News concerning all the illnesses, diseases and deaths which can and do result from small or large, often simultaneous exposures to a wide range of toxic chemicals to which all veterans of all wars since 1945 (including the Korean, Vietnam and Gulf wars) and all civilians and their families were regularly exposed and the pattern of denial by the government, by the Departments of Health, Defence and Veterans' Affairs, by the RMA and the pattern of denial contained in the published Mortality and Health Study Reports for each of those conflicts may be obtained at the links above.

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