A Common Cause.
Soldiers, Pilots, Nurses, Babies, Athletes, Police, Farmers, everyone - a "Common Cause"?

If the human body is to remain in a healthy stable state it is important that all the vital functions are maintained effectively.

In the 20th Century the assault on those functions by industrial chemicals accelerated to a point where cancers and other illnesses reached almost epidemic proportions and many thousands of formerly healthy individuals found that they became increasingly intolerant to those chemicals to the extent that the term "Allergic to the 20th Century" was used.

The chemical cocktail to which all mankind has been exposed will have unseen consequences to human health and development. This article seeks to demonstrate that there is a known common cause for a host of ailments now increasing in the human population.

A wise man once said that we are all little but a complex chemical soup and that mix is completely dependent upon the substances absorbed by our bodies through respiration, diet and via the skin. All chemicals no matter how low the dose have an effect on that complex system, as does any lack of nutrients, minerals, trace elements, and essential gasses or the failure of the metabolism to process those essential compounds.

Every system in the body relies entirely on the stability and efficiency of the metabolic processes involved including our very thoughts and actions. Rachel Carson wrote in her book "Silent Spring" in the 1960s that pesticides, which mimic the effects of radiation, could actually be more dangerous than radioactive substances.

She wrote " The fact that chemicals may play a role similar to radiation has scarcely dawned on the public mind, nor in the minds of most medical or scientific workers. For this reason the role of chemicals in general use (rather than in laboratory experiments) has not yet been assessed. It is extremely important that this be done.
Sir Macfarlane is not alone in his estimate of the potential danger. Dr Peter Alexander, an outstanding British authority, has said that the radio-mimetic chemicals 'may well represent a greater danger' than radiation. Dr Muller, with the perspective gained by decades of distinguished work in genetics, warns that various chemicals (including groups represented by pesticides)
can raise the mutation frequency as much as radiation....As yet too little is known of the extent to which our genes, under modern conditions of exposure to unusual chemicals, are being subject to such mutagenic influences."

That book was first published in 1962 and on back covers of paperback editions the following comment was quoted
What we have to face is not an occasional dose of poison which has accidentally got into some article of food, but a persistent and continuous poisoning of the whole human environment"

Rachel Carson and countless others who have warned of the dangers have been viciously attacked by vested interests since that book was published but it should be remembered that this came just a few years after the British Government had instructed Lord Solly Zuckerman and his committee to examine these very dangers and his reports came to very similar conclusions http://www.oprus2001.co.uk/zuckerman.htm and yet admitted that very little pesticide was used on food at that time. Since then there has been an unprecedented increase in pesticide use and the international cross-border trade laws of 1939 that had banned the adulteration of foods, cosmetics and consumer goods with known poisons was disgracefully repealed so that insecticides can to this day be deliberately added to staple foods often by untrained and unsupervised workers using dangerously haphazard methods and often poorly maintained equipment. This and the fact that central stores can also add insecticides to grain in similar ways inevitably creates "hot spots" where excessively high doses of toxins are found in food for human consumption.

The Permanent People's Tribunal case heard in 2011 in Bangalore reported that some 355,000 every year die as a result of pesticide poisonings.
Of those it is likely that some two thirds will die as the result of exposure to organophosphates and there must be countless numbers who are poisoned and left disabled and many more whose illnesses have never been linked to their exposures because diagnosis is so difficult.
Quote "The World Health Organization estimates that every year 3 million people experience acute poisoning by OPs, 200.000 people terminally (WHO, 1990)."
"Taken together, the scientific evidence supports the assertion that chronic exposure to OPs is associated with higher risk of developing diseases, including cancer, and that world usage of OPs should be reduced and better controlled. Further investigations are needed, particularly in regard to mechanisms of toxicity toward non cholinergic systems. Safety of the continuous use of OPs in agriculture and its expanding use in medicine depends on understanding the relevance of not only AChE inhibition but also of secondary targets in the effects of acute and long term exposure on health."
"OPs have been reported
• to be weakly mutagenic in bacteria, but mutagenic in yeast (IARC, 1987); • to induce DNA damage in peripheral lymphocytes in vitro (Blasiak and Kowalik, 1999; Ündeger and Basaran, 2005) and in vivo in occupationally exposed workers (Garaj-Vrhovac et al., 2000);
• to induce chromosomal aberrations and sister chromatid exchange (Galloway et al., 1987);".

Some scientists are concerned that the combined effects of radiation and pesticides present an even more serious risk to the world's human population.
Since the Second World War chemical use has increased rapidly and the levels of radiation released by communications, nuclear weapons and power stations, many of which were designed to provide the material for nuclear weapons, have been steadily rising and scientists have reported that the use of DU Weapons in the Gulf War alone raised the cancer risk from radiation across the globe.
The deformities in babies born to mothers in Iraq who had been exposed to the combined effects of chemicals and radiation were reported at the time and the photographs are truly horrific.
Despite the mass of evidence available officials working for allied governments set in train a process of risk denial and instead of admitting to what they knew had caused the deformities they denied all knowledge of science, called for more research and suggested that all the illnesses seen in the armed forces were the result of mental illness.
Quite how birth deformities can result from a mental condition has not been made clear.

Governments on both sides of the Atlantic knew that they had unleashed a massive problem in their own forces and in typical military fashion set about the task of hiding the truth. When reports were made of nerve agent alerts during the battle those affected were told that they were false alarms, even though they had the most advanced detection devices in the world. Later excuses were made suggesting that Iraq had used chemical weapons or that the chemicals were released as a result of allied bombing.
There is evidence that neither is true.
It appears that the Iraq War was used as a testing ground for every weapon and defence system that the Allies had to hand, used against a people who they knew could not properly defend themselves against such an onslaught.
Service men reported unloading American shells containing Nerve Agent VX in the run up to the war and of finding those used shells on the battlefield.
Had Iraq used Nerve Agents the allies would not have hesitated to blame her people for the damage done to their troops and would not have taken steps to destroy the contemporary reports of those gas attacks. That destruction of records was claimed to have been accidental but all computerised records and written records were reported by senior investigators to have been destroyed at the same time in different places.
Someone ordered that action.

The troops were exposed to nerve agents, organophosphorus pesticides, radiation, an unapproved cocktail of vaccines and drugs, and untold chemicals and solvents released from burning oil wells and bombed stores. That some were not ill is a surprise.

When the UK Government's Select Committee challenged the Ministry of Defence they were met with obstruction and deception. So angry was that Committee in 1997 that members of their own government stated that it was obvious that there had been a cover-up and that warning bells should have been sounding all over Whitehall regarding the dangers of the organophosphates used in the Gulf because of the known effects in agriculture.
A common cause between Gulf War Illness and the serious illnesses already seen in agricultural workers was beginning to be seen.

Another group of people suffering from the effects of the chemicals was growing rapidly and once again the official action was to deny and make false accusations of mental illness. This group was made up of the pilots and aircrew who flew commercial aircraft. This group was also exposed to organophosphates, this time as a result of aircraft design that allowed the chemicals that were used as oil additives to escape the confines of the engines and enter the air supply to the passengers and crew. Pilots were "blacking out" or becoming disorientated and confused, often losing control of their aircraft. Aircrew such as Stewardesses were reported as suffering from serious neurological effects with one in the USA appearing on video with violent tremors in her arms.
Regulatory bodies again denied knowledge of the dangers or the effects expected from such exposures but the chemicals from the oil were not the only problem identified as the crew were also exposed to radiation from the sun, and in some aircraft radioactive panels in the aircraft, plus on long-haul flights exposures to pesticides sprayed in flight and fire retardants within the aircraft.

More controversy surrounded the issue of Cot Death, which in England killed hundreds of babies and was suspected to be caused by the chemicals in mattresses and tobacco smoke, many of which are the residues from pesticides used on crops.
(Burning chemicals creates even more toxic substances). But the effects of vaccines may also have been implicated in some if not all cases.
Instead of admitting to the known dangers posed by these toxins in the UK many mothers have been sent to prison based on false "expert" evidence that had them found guilty of murdering their own children. Disgracefully entire families suffered the loss of their precious children and both their freedom and future happiness.

Cot Death, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is mirrored by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome where usually very fit young people suddenly fall dead on the sports fields, sometimes for no obvious cause. Famous footballers and athletes have succumbed in addition to teenagers who otherwise appeared very fit and healthy.
. At no time is the use of chemicals on the sports fields even considered as a risk factor and yet every week young people who would be valuable to society are lost to us.

The toll of chemical related illness and death is ever increasing but even when nurses are poisoning by chemicals used in hospitals their colleagues hide the truth, even though they are at risk themselves. In one famous case a nurse was told that she had never been diagnosed as having been poisoned but had recorded the doctor who had told her that she had been poisoned by organophosphates used in her work.
A senior Policeman was poisoned when plastic windows were assembled at his home at a time when OPs were used to soften the plastic. All his family including his dog were poisoned along with some friends. Deaths were involved and the diagnosis was confirmed but then the cover-up began and even the Queen of England was unable to persuade the authorities to help him.
Other Policemen have been poisoned when supervising the dipping of sheep with the organophosphorus dips despite being warned to keep a safe distance from the work. Again the poisoning of these people has been hidden and, strangely, the Police have persistently refused to investigate the criminality involved despite being at direct risk themselves.

In 1997 cases of poisoning were successfully won in courts around the world including Australia (chemicals used on sheep), Hong Kong ( chemicals used indoors which triggered poisoning and long term effects, by inhalation only, in another room from that treated) and in the UK (chemicals used as undeclared additives in wheat used for human consumption)

Officials appear to have seen the danger - to themselves for failing to stop the poisoning.
The UK Committee on Toxicology then advertised in a scientific journal for evidence of poisoning by organophosphates. Perhaps to their surprise poisoned people submitted evidence, some taking their solicitors with them to ensure that they had their statements witnessed and others being scientists or farmers with knowledge of the toxic effects.
Once again knowledge of the long-term harm was denied with calls for "more research".
This despite their own report suggesting that those exposed to OPs should be very wary of being vaccinated because of the risk to their health.

See their OP research workshop paper of March 2000.
"It was noted that there had been a small number of studies including an item in the Lancet circa 1996 which had examined extensive disturbance of cellular components of immunity in a laboratory study. Reference was also made to a WHO document indicating an OP eliciting auto-immune response and, therefore, advising caution in undergoing vaccination following exposure to OPs. It was suggested that there was also a possibility of an OP impact on hormones (as endocrine disruptors) which could be synergistic or additive."

Importantly, despite the denial of vaccine risk, many vaccines have been withdrawn because they have harmed children. Damage to the Mitochondria has been proven to be linked to the cause of vaccine damage and the organophosphorus chemical glyphosate used on Genetically Modified crops has been admitted by the then UK Pesticide Safety Directorate to have damaged mitochondria at all doses tested. If those regulators realised the illnesses that damage to the mitochondria can cause perhaps they would be more cautious. http://www.oprus2001.co.uk/mitochondria.htm
Since that chemical is regarded still as one of the "safest" OPs, despite proven anticholinesterase and other enzyme effects and links to cancer, it can only be imagined how dangerous the others are.

It is of interest to note that genetic changes to the Cytochrome P-450 system found in both soldiers exposed in the Gulf War and farmers exposed to OPs have been found to be at the same sites in the genetic code. The Cytochrome P-450 system is that which enables the body to process drugs and toxins and it is known that changes made by exposure to one chemical can make that system up to 40 times more susceptible to exposure by another seemingly unrelated chemical. The "alterations" or "Mutations" found were claimed to be caused by exposure to toxins in GWS cases where no company can be litigated against but by unproven "inherited genetic flaws" in Sheep Dip cases where a company providing dangerous DNA altering chemicals could face Court proceedings.

Members of that committee have persistently denied the risks of poisoning including the Lowermore Water Poisoning incident, Pesticides, Toxic Airlines and the admitted dangers of chemical mixes about which the UK government warned farmers as long ago as the 1970s, and have denied radiation risks from mobile phones to nuclear disasters.
Strange as it is those same groups will highlight the dangers of radiation from the Sun and from Radon, and warn of the dangers from such things as salt, sugar and fat with which mankind has coped since time began. No matter what the danger all knowledge is denied when it comes to chemicals and radiation uses that have been approved by the regulatory bodies.

Both radiation and organophosphorus chemicals can damage DNA, which is itself structurally an organophosphate. Both radiation and Organophosphorus chemicals can damage cells and the OPs can damage the mitochondria that control apoptosis, the programmed cell death that helps to prevent cancers. Organophosphorus chemicals can prevent a wide variety of vital enzyme processes working effectively, thus leading to protein changes as seen in CJD, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Dementia in adults in addition to triggering hormone imbalances and changes in the immune system, fertility, foetal development and mental ability.
Some of the countless numbers of illnesses that may well be linked to developmental disorders caused by chemical exposures in the womb were reported to the Committee on Toxicity in 1998.

In what is considered to be the follow-up publication to Silent Spring, the book "Our Stolen Future" by Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski and Pete Myers it was reported that not only could the effects of some of these toxins not be seen until decades after exposure, and even then often only when offspring reach maturity, but also that they travel around the world so efficiently that there is now no population that has not been exposed.

Everyone is now in danger and so are future generations.
More importantly perhaps this has been done intentionally.
Hence the vociferous denials of knowledge.

Dated 12/4/2013

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