Campaign Group Sumofus Closes Vital Petition

“Defending the Indefensible”

The following is from an email written by Richard Bruce who with many others attempted to get an Inquiry into the methods used to hide the adverse health effects caused by approved chemicals.

Date 23rd July 2016

Hi All,

I feel I should apologise as the petition I set up has been closed without notification by the SumofUs group.
They offer no explanation and have so far failed to respond to emails..
Never did trust these petition sites - mostly American and promoting US interests...….
If you recall the petition was set up in an effort to instigate a much needed inquiry into the often unlawful actions used to hide the adverse health effects of chemicals.
The link is no longer active but the wording of the petition created on 2nd May was at

"Call for an Inquiry into the official deception that hides chemically induced illnesses

To :The Prime Minister of the UK Government

Dear Prime Minister ,

Please order an Inquiry into the actions of government agencies, the Department of Health, Department for Work and Pensions, Police and the Courts and request that they admit to what they have known for over 60 years and explain why successive governments and agencies of government have used deception and unlawful practices, including Perversion of Justice, so as to ensure that cases of poisoning by chemicals approved for use by Government remain unrecognised and that those harmed by them do not get the correct medical treatment and financial support.

This is vitally important because the failure to recognise these cases results in the failure of the feed-back mechanism warning manufacturers of harm done to human and environmental health. As a result dangerous chemicals remain in regular use and are now ubiquitous in their presence in the environment, but also in our food.
Most dangerous is the organophosphorus group of systemic chemicals, which includes herbicides such as glyphosate, and which are found in our staple foods at increasing levels.

These cumulative and irreversible poisons damage DNA, RNA, proteins, enzymes and the vital mitochondria - and therefore cause serious cardio-respiratory, neurological, brain, vision, fertility, digestive, hormone and immune system disorders. It is no surprise that all of these illnesses and conditions are increasing rapidly in the population with no official recognition of the cause.

If the deception continues it will harm the population further and destroy the NHS."

The petition linked to the web page which attempted to explain the links to chemical exposure and a host of increasing serious illnesses.
There are sound scientific reasons for all the links suggested there - and more...

Oddly enough on the very day that a friend notified me that the petition had been taken off-line I had been going through some newly discovered video recordings of TV reports.
Not least among them was a Channel 4 programme by Critical Eye titled "Quick War - Slow Death" which featured various birth defects and neurological illnesses triggered by the Gulf War.
That was broadcast as long ago as 1994 and I had noted that it was important at the time. Other reports linked the pesticide Lindane to breast cancer, chemical exposures to other defects. Those included babies being born with no iris in the eyes, or even no eyes at all, no ears, facial disfigurement, heart defects, missing limbs or other organs, skin lesions and small heads. Other reports referred to serious health effects near pesticide manufacturers, the Aerotoxic problem and the dangers of radiation and depleted uranium weapons.
The adverse effects of vaccines and steroid drugs were also among the very many issues reported frequently in the media at the time.
Even the resulting ill-health caused by military experiments at Porton Down and the linked dangers of sheep dip and nerve gas were reported.
There was even concern raised about the inexplicable rise in diabetes in children - inexplicable only if the effects of organophosphates in our food are ignored.
The most frequently used expression in those recordings referred to the official cover-up.
No less a person than Sir Peter Viggers used that very phrase “an obvious cover-up” during a select committee hearing on Gulf War Syndrome in 1997 - just one of the issues reported.
Sadly since the successes of the 1990s there has been a determination to silence those who have attempted to bring all this into the open again.

Many of the brave doctors and scientists who supported those attempts to expose the dreadful truth have themselves been silenced.

Mr Andy Burnham, the Labour MP who was determined to expose the corrupt cover-up of the Hillsborough tragedy urged all the affected groups to join forces.
Sadly his sound advice has been ignored and still, just as then, affected groups are officially suggested as having symptoms that are "all in the mind". On thing is certain and that is that birth defects are not a result of any “mind-set”. Nor are formally very fit individuals who can no longer stand, or speak, imagining their problems.

The combined forces of corrupt governments and their industrial backers, supported by their highly paid lawyers are determined to hide the truth.
Somehow, somewhen, for the sake of our children and their children, those responsible must be made accountable for their deception and the harm they have caused.

Very sorry that our petition failed to stimulate the interest it so obviously, and urgently requires.
Unfortunately SumofUs have not provided a list of email addresses for those who signed so if you passed on details to friends could you please let them know that it is now closed. Once again I had no notification that this was an action being taken and my sincere thanks to Peter Brown whose supporter let me know.

I wonder if Andy Burnham would be interested? Perhaps he has other things on his mind at the moment - and after all I am not in his constituency….!!
Clearly MPs show little interest even in National and International matters if raised with them by persons outside their constituencies….

Dated 16/09/2000;   Updated 23/07/2016

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